Reasons Behind Scalp Scratching and Fixes That Can Help

woman scalp scratching
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Scratching your scalp too often or vigorously can put you in an embarrassing situation. After all, the common assumption is that you may have lice or dandruff that could transmit to another. Because of this, this problem can also make you self-conscious. For this reason, let me address why your scalp could be itching and the fixes you need to end that scratching.

These problems arise because an unhealthy scalp. What is so unique about the skin of the scalp, which is the thickest of all your skin, is that it has five layers compared to the rest of your body’s skin that has three along with a lot of hair follicles. Furthermore, it has more sebaceous oil glands that can clog or become infected. Based on the issue plaguing the scalp, here is what to do about it to bring relief.

If you have a lot of flaking, then the cause could be dandruff. This problem could also be contact dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction too probably a hair care product such as one for styling. Both dandruff and contact dermatitis are forms of seborrheic dermatitis by producing those flakes and causing red, itchy irritation and a dry scalp from an excess accumulation of Malassezia yeast. The major difference is that real dandruff is always prominently visible on the scalp itself with larger white or yellow flakes while the other can also appear on other skin.

Remedies worth trying for ending seborrheic dermatitis are anti-dandruff shampoos with zinc pyrithione. You can also try replacing hair styling products and see if the issue goes away. You also might need antifungal shampoo or cream or some form of cortisone, depending on the severity and advice of your doctor.

Scalp itching also can occur simply from a dry scalp. You can blame this on a number of different factors from ingredients in hair products to begin with. Things such as the heat of the water you use shampooing your hair, the heat from hair styling tools to the overall health of your body and aging can be the cause. In fact, the water in your home may have too many mineral deposits that could be affecting your scalp when washing your hair.

Fixes to correct a dry scalp are moisturizing shampoos that are free of sulfates and alcohol. You may also want to try some home remedies such as rinsing after your shampoo with apple cider vinegar. Try one-fourth cup of the vinegar to one cup of water, which also brings shine to hair.

On a completely different note, you may be scratching your scalp due to clogged hair follicles from excessive oiliness. This problem can happen due to the genes that you were born, hormones to how often you have been shampooing your hair.

Here are some suggestions that can help remedy this particular scalp issue due to an over abundance of oil. Something to think about is trying a dry shampoo or even brushing your hair on those occasions that you skip washing it and using some cornstarch to rub on the scalp and brush out. You also can try washing it more often, but not every day since that could almost stimulate more oil production and dry out the scalp to complicate matters with flaking. Another good idea is turning to a diy scalp scrub to help deep cleanse it. In addition, you also might want to wash your combs, brushes and styling tools more often to remove that buildup of grime, grease and hair product that can be left behind. Still, you also might want to cut down on the amounts of conditioner and styling products that you typically use or even try different brands and see if there is improvement.

Scalp scratching is not pleasant or a habit that you want to keep. Nevertheless, it is a beauty problem that can be solved once narrowing down the cause. Hopefully, what I shared will help.


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