A Cozy Woody Vanilla Fragrance Gift You Need

Woody Vanilla Fragrance Floral Street Wild Vanilla Orchid
Photo Courtesy of Floral Street

Though you can wear spicy fragrances at any time of the year, I especially love the warmth and complexity of their deeper notes for that sense of a cozy warmth through cold weather. So if you’re in the market for a gorgeous woody vanilla floral fragrance gift for yourself or another fragrance lover, then I highly recommend luxury vegan fragrance brand, Floral Street’s Wild Vanilla Orchid perfume gift set for spreading that holiday cheer.

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What I find so magnetic about this woody vanilla perfume that also has some floral to it is how that magnetic scent seems to tenderly embrace while being just as sophisticated at the same time. That magical sense of blanketing yourself with this velvety feeling fragrance is due to the scent’s creamy vanilla beans, cashmeran and delicious caramel notes due to ambroxan as it merges with cassis and citrus for a splash of freshness.

The further Wild Vanilla Orchid warms in the heart, this natural perfume shows its romantic side with jasmine and vanilla blossoms. At the same time, those notes are competing with bamboo that give it a green woody feel to the vanilla so not to overshadow Wild Vanilla Orchid with an over abundance of floral. It becomes mysterious in how those notes seem to play against each other to always keep you guessing and waiting like being lured somewhere forbidden, but so appealing that you can’t help yourself but venture forward.

The more this cozy woody vanilla fragrance dries down with base notes of sandalwood, orchid and patchouli, the more it ensnares you into its web of darkly haunting, seductive beauty.

This Floral Street Wild Vanilla Orchid perfume gift set has a 1.7 oz. perfume and a 0.34 oz. perfume, the perfect travel size. Normally, this limited edition holiday perfume gift set retails for $116, but is currently on sale for just $89.

If you’re searching for a complex vanilla fragrance that has many stunning dimensions to it, then you need to visit the Floral Street website and buy this Wild Vanilla Orchid perfume gift set. Trust me, but this is not your typical vanilla perfume from the beautiful power of this scent.


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