Butcherbox Free Ground Beef for Life Deal Is Back!

Butcherbox Fre Ground Beef for Life
Photo Courtesy of Butcherbox

One of the most adaptable meats to cook with is ground beef with all the different ways you can prepare it. If you feel the same way and want a great deal for quality grass-fed beef, then this is the perfect time to stock your freezer. I am thrilled to tell you that Butcherbox once again has their free ground beef for life promotion currently running. This means that you will get two pounds of 100% grass-fed ground beef free in every order for the life of the subscription for first time subscribers.

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Honestly, you will love the superior quality of Butcherbox meats and poultry compared to risking your family’s health to what you normally pick up in the supermarket. You may be under the assumption that typical meats and poultry that you buy were fed just hormones and antibiotics. I hate to tell you this, but what you normally have been eating maybe so much worse with what big farm operations pump up their grains with to feed the cattle. According to an eye-opening article in the Seattle pi, repugnant additives such as chicken feces, poultry feathers, cow blood or animal parts that humans wouldn’t consume from pigs, horses, fish, and cattle were also added to their diets.

I understand big farm operations want to pump up their profits, but why should it be at the consumers expense eating substandard beef that could possibly risk our health? The only meat and poultry that I feel comfortable eating and serving to my family are Butcherbox, the healthy meat subscription I trust. I may be a #ButcherboxPartner, but I am sincere and won’t eat other meats after researching what I found out. If we don’t eat Butcherbox, we have a meatless meal.

There are five meat boxes to make a selection from with four curated box options. Another suggestion you may appreciate is choosing the custom box to order the items you prefer. This choice for ButcherBox pricing typically has 9-14 lbs. for $169. You can also order a big box.

Something else that is wonderful is that you choose how often you want your deliveries from
ButcherBox to be.

You’re probably thinking that I’m exaggerating because I want to make some money as an affiliate if you buy Butcherbox. Yes, I do want to make some money and would really appreciate if you buy to please go through my link. I would be so grateful.

But, please just read that article or start doing your research because what you may be eating from the supermarket that is passed off as meat or poultry is really disgusting. After all, we deserve so much better–and that translates to Butcherbox.

In fact, what better gift could you give a loved one than this meat subscription to show how much you care about their health? I really wish you take advantage of this deal for first time subscribers to get two pounds of free Butcherbox grass-fed ground beef in every order for the life of that subscription. You’ll see for yourself at the tasty and healthy difference it will make.


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