Fuego Box Subscription for Firing Up Great Flavor

Fuego Box subscription hot sauces

Some people automatically dismiss what cooking with hot sauce can do to deliciously alter the taste of the recipe because of their heat. Yet, the heat is only one component of that equation because so much more is involved with the different spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits that individualize unique sauces such as found in a Fuego Box subscription. This is why I am constantly amazed at the extraordinary variety of hot sauce that arrives to enjoy and cook with.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

A prime example of what to expect from a Fuego Box subscription is three bottles of incredible hot sauce from small artisan crafters across the United States. For instance, my trio for December 2022 started with Lit Chipotle that has a smoky flavor highlighted for extra tastiness with onions, garlic and blueberries through a medium heat. Anything chipotle already has me excited, but the blueberries in this recipe added a pleasant burst of fruity flavor that rippled through that rich smokiness.

El Chilito is a handcrafted hot sauce family recipe passed on through three generations that has a fruity zing to the savory pepper and vegetable blend that makes it a perfect compliment for a variety of foods. It also is wonderful for adding when cooking such as to your chili, eggs or pizza. You should try it in ground beef dishes such as my easy pizza burger casserole.

From the Seed Ranch Company, there is a bottle of Everything But . . . The Sushi & Dumpling. This one is a fantastic mix of fresh ginger, a touch of wasabi and sesame for providing a mild heat with an Oriental flare for adding to recipes or just dipping into. This was so good on my salmon patty, but it also would be an excellent pick for rice dishes, marinades, salad dressings or just experimenting with for cooking.

The price for the monthly hot sauce subscription with three hot sauces is $29.95 with free USA shipping. You also get a card from Fuego Box with information on the trio and ways to best enjoy them. Check the company’s website out.


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