Mens Skincare Review: Grooming Lounge Products Your Guy Will Love

Mens Skincare from Grooming Lounge
Photo Courtesy of Grooming Lounge

If you want to do something wonderful for the man or men in your life, then introduce them to a great skin care routine that can get him started on the road to better skin. Mens skincare products such as several provided for this review from the Grooming Lounge can help them discover how the right products can make a difference for their appearance while also possibly experiencing less irritation.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

My guy tried Mug Scrubber ($32) among these mens skincare products first. This is a moisturizing and peppermint-scented product with jojoba oil and allantoin that has a rich consistency that is similar to shaving cream, only more grainy that was quite gentle according to my guy. However, this product is distinct from others due to its biodegradable jojoba esters (beads) for providing exfoliation to help for a deeper clean and skin renewal. In addition, the allantoin serves to precondition the skin to nudge ingrown hairs up for the best shave.

What my guy reported was that he appreciated the extra smoothness he gained. I can second that from how soft his face felt. The only thing he complained about was how strong the scent was, but he liked how clean and invigorated his skin felt as well.

To be truthful, my guy never bothered with separate moisturizers and let alone an eye cream. But I got him to change his tune after I explained what a good eye cream could do to address under eye darkness since the Grooming Lounge Eye Captain ($32) has caffeine and green tea to help for better blood circulation in the eye area and get rid of puffiness he sometimes experiences. To increase those important effects, this cream also had multitasking almond oil for lightening dark circles, reduce puffiness and help antiaging due to its retinol, vitamin E and vitamin K. Therefore, he decided to give this eye cream a try.

After he started using this eye cream, he observed how little of this cream was needed and thought the consistency had a nice texture for spreading without giving a greasy appearance. After a while of regular use, my guy liked what he was seeing in the mirror that he never neglected putting on that eye cream in the morning and then at night. This surprised me because my guy was not into skin care before reviewing these Grooming Lounge face products, but all this changed now that he was seeing an improvement.

The final mens skincare from Grooming Lounge provided for this review was their Best Smeller Body Wash ($24). This body wash has acai that contributes vitamin A, B, C, and E along with minerals and aloe vera to help smooth, firm and repair the skin cells while also moisturizing. vera. The product also has antibacterial properties and functions also to improve circulation due to black pepper oil.

His first impression was how stimulating the scent, both fresh and green. Though he didn’t detect the black pepper coming through, he enjoyed the invigorating scent, but it was also a bit thinner than he expected.

Grooming Lounge also has two eau de toilette sprays for men that are new that I will tell you more about in another post. Stay tuned.

If you’re trying to help your man take better care of his skin, these mens skincare products shared in this review from Grooming Lounge should be on your radar. They are worth checking out or gifting this holiday season. Visit the company’s website to find them!


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