Two Exceptional Mens Fragrances From Grooming Lounge Your Man Would Love

Photo Courtesy of Grooming Lounge

Everyone has their own favorite types of fragrance to feel confident and more appealing. However, some mens fragrances can often be too overpowering if you ask a woman. Therefore, if you’re shopping for a guy or happen to be a man looking for a new scent without turning off the opposite sex with cloying and heavy notes in that attempt to smell as strong and masculine as possible, then Grooming Lounge has two male fragrances that I want to tell you about.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Grooming Lounge Handsome Devil is a great fragrance choice. It starts with a bright freshness from top notes of grapefruit, cedrat and cranberry for an added sweetness that takes the edge off of the slight bitterness of the cedrat. As this fragrance further warms in the heart, the formula gains a herbal influence due to saffron, lavandin and sage, which lends a debonair and commanding polish to this eau de toilette. By the time this fragrance winds down in the base with notes of red wood, amber and coffee berry, it is so sexy and appealing in how it entices.

Magnificent Bastard eau de toilette is an electrifying blend that opens with stimulating fresh citrus top notes of bergamot and grapefruit. You can’t help but sense the excitement it possesses. As this fragrance warms in the heart, you can detect the woods and peppery spice notes emerging from the elemi and pink pepper. It becomes daring and a bit mysterious. Yet, as this fragrance dries down in the base with leather, tobacco and vetiver, it comes into its own with a confidence and a sweet, warm sensual male appeal that is attractive.

In my opinion, both of these mens fragrances from Grooming Lounge are ones that possess masculinity, but are also choices that women would be more drawn to instead of offended by some choking macho scent.

Handsome Devil and Magnificent Bastard eau de toilettes retail for $75 each for the 3.4 fl. oz. Visit the company’s website and check them both out.


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