Why Boxed Water Is Better In More Ways Than One

Boxed Water Is Better Water
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Water is water is probably your first thought, but think of the big difference if each bottled water consumer, which accounts for millions, would skip the plastic and cans in a genuine effort that could drastically improve our ozone and lower our carbon footprint. After all, paper is the only renewable resource compared to plastic from oil and aluminum mined from bauxite. This intriguing idea is the concept behind Boxed Water Is Better in their efforts to bring more awareness about conservation to save the planet and change minds of single use bottled water customers to consider paper packaging instead for a sustainable option.

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The company’s goal sounds admirable, right? Yet, you may be wondering what does their water actually taste like. Unlike bottled water, their water is 100% purified with no added minerals. So what does that mean could be your next question? Bottled water typically has salt and can contain extras such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to soften the water, calcium chloride to purify tap water and trace amounts of organic matter that could contain metals, well water with naturally occurring minerals like iron or sulphur just to name a few possibilities. Well, it tastes like water when I sampled the unflavored and the with cucumber Boxed Water Is Better purified water while the cucumber water had a refreshing twist to it.

Boxed Water Is Better is truly committed to making a positive impact ever since the company started in 2009. Their packaging is 92% plant-based cartons that are 100% recyclable, refillable and BPA free. If that is not commendable enough, then the company is also a member of the 1% For the Planet and partnering with the National Forest Foundation and Ocean Blue Project with planting trees and cleaning beaches.

Imagine what could be possible to reserve some of the ill effects of single use plastic just by altering the form of material that your water comes in. Think of less pollution that could help better care for the earth’s resources than destroy them daily.

If what I describe makes sense to you as well, then I suggest visiting the company’s website to learn more or shop.


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