A Travel Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler Iron You’ll Want

Photo Courtesy of SUNMAY

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Don’t you hate when you leave the house and your hairstyle droops due to the weather or starts to frizz up? Well, this hair tool can save your head from that. This SUNMAY Voga 2 in 1 Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler is a portable size and ready for travel if you want to pack in your handbag or suitcase, which is so handy when your style doesn’t conform to your expectations. It measures 8.6 inches in length and 1.30 in width to give you an idea. Something even more convenient is that it folds up and locks.

Cordless Hair Straightener SUNMAY Voga
Photo Courtesy of SUNMAY

I have several different hair straightener/curling irons that need to be plugged into your electrical socket. They also manage to do what I need, but a cordless flat iron and curler tool does have advantages from my experience testing the SUNMAY Voga 2 in 1 for this review. Therefore, let me fill you in on why this hair tool is something to check out.

This cordless hair straightener and curler styling tool is rechargeable with a type-C charging port design and comes with USB cable. However, you need to have a USB port to use it. Once fully charged, it has a longer batter life that can last up to 45 minutes on the high setting for medium, thick or coarse hair (205 degree temperature). It does have two other settings with the lowest temperature for fine, thin, bleached or colored hair and then a medium setting (185) for normal hair (165) that you’ll see in the LED display.

As wonderful as those things are, what I loved was how much easier it was to style without a cord in the way. You’re not restricted and confined to places where there is an electric outlet to plug in or the length of the cord to worry about.

This cordless flat iron also comes with a portable pouch, comb, finger guards, hair clip, and charging wire. Basically, it has everything you need to curl or straighten plus safety and styling extras.

You can find the Voga 2 cordless hair straightener on the SUNMAY website for $69.99 in the USA. You can also find it on Amazon.

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