Why the Power of Imagination Can Have Surprising Benefits

Woman Painting Creativity to Show Power of Imagination
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Mikhail Nilov

Some people may feel that they do not possess one creative bone in their body, but the power of imagination is within everyone. Creativity is not limited solely to the talented, but is a wellness practice that has value for everyone and can be developed in order to get more from life for health and happiness.

Why the Power of Imagination Matters for Being Your Best Self

The reason it is so valuable is because when you make something original from nothing whether it is through writing, art, sewing, crafts, woodworking, knitting, crocheting, gardening, music, and reading fiction just to name a few endeavors, it gives the mind opportunity to create new constructive pathways in the brain and benefit cognition. Furthermore, it can serve to occupy the mind when depressed or anxious to push those negative feelings aside and replace them with positive emotions.

At the same time, it can build confidence that you may have lacked and make you stronger for it. When you finish such a project, it is an accomplishment of what came out of your imagination that can help you stop thinking of yourself as a failure or incapable of handling things. Thus, it can make you happier because of that innovative effort to prove to yourself and the world what you are capable of.

Another value of what creativity can do to improve your life is the effect it can also have on your physical health as well as psychological health. Did you know that being creative can also help your immune system according to some interesting research due to the changes from biological processes that occur? Besides that, there are other studies demonstrating how it also can come to the aid of those suffering from Parkinson’s disease to some forms of dementia.

You may feel uncertain as how to start tapping into your own unique creativity. Don’t be intimidated to start being creative. The easiest solution is first discovering what type of activity appeals to you the most. Perhaps, you like to work with your hands. If so, you may be drawn to try sketching, woodworking, painting, sewing, etc. Of course, you may prefer learning how to play an instrument such as piano or guitar to singing if music is what brings you more joy. Others may be more inclined to put their feelings, experiences in writing to share a story or invent one. Still, some may prefer reading someone else’s words in fiction and giving life to the characters and their world in your mind. These are just a few ideas of what your creative passion could be.

If you’re not perfect after trying one, then continue or just find another. The real purpose is deep within you, you’ll know the right one that will fulfill you and that sense that you did something that you never thought you could.

After all, what would you have to lose through adding some creativity to your life? You just may surprise yourself by reducing stress, appreciating a hidden talent that you harbored deep within, gain a better memory as well as more confidence while also helping the health of your body.


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