How to Clear Brain Fog If It Happens to You

Woman at Computer With Brain Fog
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Andrea Piacquario

Brain fog can happen to anyone at any time from a variety of different diseases. It can also be blamed on lack of sleep, low blood sugar, heat, mild dehydration to stress. For this reason, here is how to defend your mind and clear brain fog if this happens to you instead of making it worse.

Just like any other body part, the brain needs exercise. The more that you don’t challenge your brain with mental tasks and cognitive thinking, the worse it is for how the brain can process and remember information. Though the brain is an organ, think of it as you would a muscle that becomes flabby instead of toned through exercise.

Therefore, the best way to improve brain fog is by continuing to learn a new project or task. For instance, reading, solving puzzles, memory games, studying a new language, organizing bills, researching a fresh topic daily that interests you and attempting a new hobby such as painting, cooking, coding, and writing can be helpful. The important thing to remember is even when the project or task seems beyond your capabilities that you need to stick with it and keep trying. After all, you want to keep stimulating the brain to keep firing up those nerve cells from one neuron to another that matters.

Worry, stress and depression are things we can’t escape from. Unfortunately, when we can’t clear our thoughts or miss sleep and concentrate on the solution, the problem can result in brain fog. Sometimes, exerting yourself through physical activity such as cleaning, running, jogging can help clear thoughts enough for seeing a way out of the situation. Often we just don’t give ourselves the opportunity to envision what is possible because of all the bad clouding our judgement when a solution can be there all along.

Another way for how to clear brain fog due to those negative emotions is just to chill out and watch television, read, sew, knit, crochet, woodworking, crafting, drawing, etc. The purpose is to let your mind wander and relax. This restful break from the problem can do wonders to banish that stress and clear thought processing.

Another reason for experiencing brain fog is dehydration. Believe it or not, losing just 2% of the total 60% body water is enough according to a British study to cause it. Since the brain is housed in 73% water, then keeping that water supply filtered of toxins and constantly replaced is critical for sharp thought processing. Aim for drinking six to eight glasses of water can help. You don’t want to just gulp that water just to get your fill. Instead, it is better to sip in order to ideally accommodate how the body handles that fresh intake of water to keep the electrolytes balanced.

Sometimes, we get too busy to think about eating meals as we should. All the same, skipping meals just to conquer a problem or task can also bring on brain fog. The reason is that blood sugar levels can dip enough to make matters worse. If you hope to get the task successfully done, then help your body obtain the fuel it needs. Otherwise, the body is like a car that stalls on the road when it runs out of gas.

If you notice brain fog and start agonizing over it that your brain is failing because of making some errors or forgetting something now and then, then give yourself a break. The truth is no one has perfect cognitive abilities despite what you may think. We all have memory lapses and problems with staying focused and alert at times. The brain does have hurdles occasionally, which is normal. So do yourself a favor and remember that.


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