Sleep Cave 101: How to Transform Your Bedroom and Sleep Better

Sleep Cave Bedroom
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Max Vakatbovych

Many of us have a problem falling asleep at night due to stress, overly stimulating our minds from television before turning in to sometimes just drinking too much liquid. If this sounds like you, then there is something else that you may to try by transforming your bedroom into a sleep cave for the ultimate sleeping environment.

To plan your sleep cave, the best way to begin striving for a better night of sleep is examining your bedroom for distractions. Having too much clutter in the room can only add to stress when you lay in bed. Tidying up where you sleep does help make the atmosphere more appealing before you can begin eliminating problematic distractions.

You might be surprised at some simple things in your bedroom that can divert your odds of falling asleep. The first one is your alarm clock due to the color of light in its display. If your alarm clock happens to have a blue or green display, then you want to switch it out for another that has a red, yellow or orange display. The reason is because of how these light colors affect your circadian rhymes. Warm colors in the red family will not disrupt your internal clock that reset every 24 hours to suppress the sleep hormone of melatonin.

How much lights that can pour in through your bedroom windows also need some careful thought. You might be better off hanging a blackout curtain or shades over the curtains you have if the light is still penetrating through that can disturb sleep. A slight sliver of light can be just as annoying so keep that in mind when creating the most relaxing atmosphere conductive to sleep.

Though we depend on our electronic devices, they can ruin your chances for sleep. You can be so connected to that familiar ring sound or tune that the noise can quickly rouse you from sleep according to some interesting studies. It is more helpful to turn it off and go to email or keep it in another room. Try to avoid leaving your smartphone or tablet on your nightstand for how to get better sleep.

Chargers are another of these troublemakers for a good night of sleep from their glow. Unplug them and cover them so the lights wouldn’t interfere with sleep. Keeping them in a separate room is another option.

Watching television in bed is comfortable and relaxing as you snuggle with a pile of blankets. Nevertheless, the blue light that it emits will only keep you awake if you turn the television off immediately and then expect to sleep. Turn the television off at least a half hour or more before attempting sleep if you must have that set in your bedroom.

Something else to consider is what your mattress is like for how to sleep better. Having a hard time falling asleep could be caused from a mattress that needs replaced. Normally, a mattress has a life of six to eight years.

Speaking of mattresses, you could also have sleep difficulties due to sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. For instance, you could have back problems that would be better sleeping on a firmer mattress than a softer one. Then again, you may have a problem with hot flashes or just feel too hot once in bed from the way it conforms to the sleeper’s body. A coil mattress might be a better solution instead of a foam mattress due to more airflow.

Sleep is something that we need to safeguard if we intend to be healthy. Hopefully, these ideas for how to transform your bedroom into a sleep cave will help you get more sleep. You also might find it beneficial to read more earlier post with more tips on how to improve your sleep.


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