Online Lingerie Shopping and How to Make Better Choices for the Best Fit

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Online shopping for lingerie is not always easy since you can’t try the item on or check the quality in person. Nonetheless, shopping on the computer or a smartphone does simplify life when you don’t have a lot of time or choices locally that please you. Then again, buying this way also can help you avoid traveling to stores, especially if the weather is bad or needlessly exposing yourself to possible viruses such as flu viruses or constantly evolving strains of COVID-19. Because of this, let me share some valuable tips when online shopping for lingerie that can help make better choices for the right fit.

A good place to start is by examining all the angles of the item for design and construction. It helps to blow up the photo for the best view while checking the front and back carefully.

Something else that can be misleading is trusting pants or dress sizes when making those lingerie choices. Instead, you are safer taking more time to take your measurements. Read my earlier post about the right way to use a measuring tape to determine your bra fit and you’ll be set.

If you have small boobs, you may prefer padded bras with wire support to lift them and maximize cleavage. However, you also need to consider what is more important if you are in that bra all day at work, the style or comfort. After all, wireless bras are usually the most comfortable for all day wear compared to ones with wires that are better for flattering the figure when going out and trying to impress.

If still uncertain about whether you measured the bust area correctly and want to avoid a mistake, order a soft-cup bra. The reason is because they give a bit extra room without jumping into the next larger cup size.

Another clue in regard to online lingerie shopping that you’ll appreciate is watching out for key words in the garment’s description. This is especially significant when searching for panties so you want to keep an eye out for words such as ones with stretch in the fabric and trim fit in it if you’re hunting for more of a body hugging fit. For example, you might notice multistretch or stretch lace, etc.

For those that hate thong type of panties and want more of their bottom covered, then words such as cheeky or V string back in the panty are indications that your backside will be exposed.

Still, if you’re not completely sure that first time when you’re selecting that new style of bra or panty when online lingerie shopping, you might just want to stick with the styles that you normally buy until feeling more confident about ordering without that personal experience to judge the fit and merit of those garments.


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