Tangy Hot Sauce Can Make a Healthier Start to a New Year

Tangy Hot Sauces Fuego Box January 2023

Those trying to get a healthier start to a new year might want to strengthen the body’s immune system for the best defense against viruses and disease. An easy way to begin is altering your diet with a bit of help from tangy hot sauce and the capsaicin those hot peppers possess such as through a hot sauce subscription like Fuego Box.

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According to one study, capsaicin not only is effective for being anti-inflammatory for that help with inflammation, but also for contributing natural antioxidants that can help control muscle related diseases such as atrophy, muscles that are wasting away in size and strength. As beneficial as hot sauce is, something else I must emphasize is how valuable it is for changing the taste of food you eat when you pour it on or cook with it.

You might feel that all hot sauces taste the same. Of course, they all have some degree of burn and spicy flavor to offer. Yet, there are so many unique varieties that I have discovered through Fuego Box that you’ll never imagine until trying their subscription as well.

For instance, the first tangy hot sauce I sampled for January 2023 was from Mark’s with their Fermented Jalapeno. Besides milder jalapeno peppers, it also has habanero peppers along with onion, garlic, white wine, and spices that the fermentation process really works magic for kicking fresh flavor with a nice balance of heat. It is wonderful on Mexican food like tacos that I first tasted this sauce on yesterday.

Pickapeppa Sauce from Piccapeppa Company is a delightful sweet and tangy hot sauce based on a 100-year old Jamaican recipe. It is full-flavored and a medium heat sauce that was delicious on my eggs, but would be interesting to taste next on meat, soups and adding to my recipes.

The last hot sauce contender for the month of January was from Clark and Hopkins with their Florida hot sauce. This is golden in color with a vivid, sweet milder medium heat from Datil pepper along with carrots, lemon and orange juice, onions, garlic, and interesting spices such as ginger, turmeric and coriander just to name a few. This one added a nice touch to salad dressing.

If I have tempted your taste buds, you’re probably wondering about the price of a Fuego Box subscription. The cost for the monthly hot sauce box that comes with three hot sauces is $29.95 with free USA shipping. In addition, you also can expect a card about each of the month’s assortment that details how to best dishes to use them with. Check the company’s website out!


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