Bedsure Review: The Best Inexpensive Comforter Set You’ll Want to Cozy Up With

Best Inexpensive Comforter Set
Photo Courtesy of Bedsure

If you’re looking for a great addition for your bedroom, then a new comforter set can often help change the decor while serving a function at the same time. The price though for new bedding is often quite steep. Yet, I found the best inexpensive comforter set from Bedsure that has a lot of merit to it that I wanted to fill you in with through this review.

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When my box arrived, I could not believe that all seven pieces of the Bedsure comforter set could possibly fit inside despite how heavy it felt. Nevertheless, it was vacuum sealed with just precision that surprised me once I took this set out of the box. You do have to fluff this bedding up in your dryer first to puff it up again.

To my delight, I pulled out a gorgeous black reversible and gray queen set that came with the comforter, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, two pillowcases, and two pillow shams that were soft as silk with more of a feel of satin while sporting a climate friendly OEKO-TEX certification.

Inexpensive Comforter Set sheets
Photo Courtesy of Bedsure

What this type of certification guarantees is this comforter set passed rigid standards to avoid more than 1,000 chemicals in its manufacturer that could pose a risk to our health. The fewer chemicals that I breathe in, the happier I am. Let me tell you why.

Sometimes, materials do release a gas that can make you sick. Seriously this can happen. Once I bought new carpeting and was getting headaches that I had no idea was caused by the chemicals released from that rug. By the time, I figured it out a few months later, the problem went away.

This comforter is 100% polyester and machine washable with a diamond pattern for the stitching. It also is more lightweight, but warm. In fact, this is the perfect inexpensive comforter for someone that constantly complains of being too hot when sleeping or experiencing hot flashes. Then again, it also would be ideal for spring or summer.

Sleeping on it was everything you want for the smooth satin feeling against your body when cuddling up and getting cozy. It made for a comfortable night at my house to help me fall asleep faster.

Normally, this seven-piece Bedsure comforter set retails for $89.99 on Amazon for the Queen size like the one I received. Good news is that the company currently has this same Queen comforter set on sale for $57.79. This sale extends to their other sizes with the Twin size being even less at $45.89 and the largest size of California King being slightly more at $79.99.

To be sure, I think this Bedsure comforter set is a great value for the price. Whether you’re trying to redo the look of your bedroom, give as a gift or need something affordable when sending your child off to college or their first apartment, you can’t go wrong with this inexpensive comforter set. Check the company’s Amazon website because this set is a real steal!


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  1. Melanie B
    January 9, 2024 / 12:13 pm

    Sounds like a great comforter set, and a great deal too!

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