How to Stop Binge Eating and Get Your Figure Back

Woman Binge Eating Cupcake and Wine
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Binge eating is a problem that many people have without even knowing that they have an issue with it. You could just pop into a supermarket or convenience store for a necessity such as a gallon of milk and walk out with some ice cream, candy bars or chips to name of few tempting possibilities that could catch your eye. Then again, settling down after dinner to watch your favorite television program or relaxing reading a novel while munching away with a bag of chips could be a part of your nightly routine. Though deep inside, you know that you may not be all that hungry and realize there are more calories than you need to pile on, you still can’t help that insistent urge to eat. However, here is how to better stop binge eating and get your figure back before this weakness spins out of control.

The best way to protect yourself is starting with breakfast. You might say that you’re not a breakfast person. I used to be the same way until I forced myself to get into that morning meal habit to start the day. The reason breakfast matters to defeat binge eating is because if you feel full, then you are more prepared to resist temptations and lack of energy that follow later.

I’m sure that you’ve been there before walking by a bakery on your way to the office and inhaling those freshly baked doughnuts inside. Of course, you justify that stop to buy some doughnuts because your stomach is growling and you need to eat something now if you intend to make it until lunch. Having a nutritious breakfast before you leave for work may not keep you from buying those doughnuts and a vanilla latte or another speciality coffee, but it can give you more willpower to walk past that bakery is what I am saying. In fact, it can help you promise yourself that you have better things to spend that money on than buying those doughnuts and fancy coffees daily to indulge your spirits.

People deal with emotional problems differently. You can lose your urge to eat or by emotional overeating the wrong foods with binge eating, which are usually full of sugar or salt and grease. An easy fix is discovering what sets you on that course. Is it anger, stress, disappointments, or loss that can bring it on? Pay attention the next time whatever triggers that eating response as to the exact emotion that brought it about. Knowing how you handle that particular emotion can help also give you more power to control it.

Another tip for how to better stop binge eating that worked for me was attaching a photo of my figure before dropping those 20 excess pounds to my refrigerator door. Believe it or not, it gives you a reality check of your body while strengthening that desire to better control eating. It may sound silly, but I highly recommend it because it helped me remind myself of what I was trying to achieve regarding my weight and breaking that overeating.

Something interesting that may be beneficial was a pilot study at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine that I read about using a small device implanted in the brain to detect food cravings. Whenever those particular signals would be tapped in the brain, it would disrupt the ones responsible for those cravings. This research is still in its early stages, but sounds promising for some people for how to stop binge eating.

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