Microfiber Wholesale Product Review: High Reach Microfiber Cleaning Kit

Woman Using Microfiber Wholesale High Reach Duster
Photo Courtesy of Microfiber Wholesale

If you have a ceiling fan hanging from an extra high ceiling or just find it difficult to dust the corners of a regular height ceiling, then I tried a cleaning kit that can make those tasks of reaching those hard to places so much easier. In fact, I was so impressed with this high reach microfiber cleaning kit from Microfiber Wholesale that I became an affiliate. Let me tell more about why this product in this review from Microfiber Wholesale does such an extraordinary job.

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To begin with, this one kit had the right sizes in the length of the wand and flexibility in the way the dust and cobwebs moved. In addition, the type of microfiber that helped grab dust like a magnet due to it positively charged fabric was fantastic. I was surprised at how much better dust clung to it compared to using of my old microfiber type cloths. Furthermore, the handle of this duster can extend 10 feet further than typical reach, which excited me. Now I can better tackle high light fixtures, top of a tall entertainment center and bookcases like a champ. You can also do blinds, chandeliers, room dividers, and banisters just as effortlessly.

Microfiber Wholesale High Reach Cleaning Kit
Photo Courtesy of Microfiber Wholesale

Here’s what I found inside my cleaning kit. There were two chenille microfiber high duster covers, a microfiber flexible fluffy dust, a special flexible high duster wand, a heavy duty telescoping mop handle of aluminum that extends anywhere from 42 inches to 70 inches that twists for doing those tricky dusting spots.

The lighter blue chenille duster covers are ones that also are machine washable, but the deeper blue flexible duster is not intended for your washing machine. All that the flexible duster requires is hand washing with plain water in the sink before wringing it out. I didn’t wash this flexible duster yet, but I will be caring for it by hand and not using soap just that water for cleaning it.

The high reach microfiber cleaning kit from Microfiber Wholesale retails for $29.98, which is a bargain if you ask me for all it can do to simplify cleaning. Seriously, if you’re short and always find cleaning high places in your home a challenge, this kit would make your life easier if you invest in it. You can find this cleaning kit on the company’s Amazon website store.

I honestly do love this Microfiber Wholesale product shared with you for this review and will be filling you in about more of their cleaning products soon. After all, the less dust that you have in your home, the healthier it will be. Stay tuned!


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