Reclaimed With Love Jewelry Subscription Box Review

Reclaimed With Love Jewelry Subscription Bracelet

What is it about jewelry that can do so much for an outfit? Regardless of how many pieces we own, we always seem to be searching for more. Recently, I was contacted by Reclaimed With Love to see if I was interested in reviewing their jewelry subscription box. Now tell me what woman could resist seeing what kinds of treasure their company would be sending along. What makes Reclaimed With Love different from other jewelry subscriptions is that all their pieces are upcycled pieces of better costume jewelry that are handpicked for you.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The way this jewelry subscription works is first filling out a questionnaire based on the type of metals you usually wear, your taste on the styles you wear, ring size, the number of pieces you want in each box, and a place for any notes you may want to leave them about your likes.

The price to join this monthly jewelry subscription is for $14 per month for one piece, two pieces for $22 or three pieces for $28 along with $2.95 extra for shipping in the continental United States.

First off, but the Reclaimed With Love jewelry are not used pieces. Actually, these are jewelry creations from the NES Group with trending new styles that don’t make it to market.

Reclaimed With Love  Jewelry Subscription Necklace

Let me tell you that judging from the pieces that arrived, I thought they were so much better quality and lovelier than I ever expected from a jewelry subscription. For instance, I found a gorgeous herringbone silver necklace, which I definitely will wear.

Next, I uncovered a beautiful, dainty rhinestone bracelet. It has what looks like cubic zirconia small diamonds that appear pronged in comparison to ones that are just being pasted as a lot of custom jewelry tends to be. This bracelet also has slightly larger opal like crystals between the diamonds for the design. This was unique and my favorite piece from what Reclaimed With Love selected for me.

Reclaimed With Love Jewelry Subscription Earrings

The third piece was a gold and diamond wide hoop earrings for pierced ears. Though it was also a stunning piece, I explained before I agreed to review this that I don’t care for earrings. So this came as a slight disappointment. Therefore, I can’t tell you if you just get the number of pieces that you ordered or will get the types of pieces that you specify. Still, I was quite pleased with this box.

If you love jewelry and want some better quality of costume jewelry, then you should check out the company’s Reclaimed With Love website for this jewelry subscription box. You also might find it helpful to read my earlier post on how to safely clean fine and costume jewelry.


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