Fuego Box Zesty Flavor Hot Sauce Is More Than Heat

Zesty Flavor Fuego Box Hot Sauce

One of the best ways that you can transform a recipe is with spices and herbs. However, when you throw in additional spicy flavor from hot peppers, the possibilities are endless for the delicious dishes that you can create or foods that you can enjoy them with. Therefore, let me tell me about my latest trio of zesty flavor hot sauce that arrived in my latest Fuego Box for March 2023.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The first bottle that I sampled this month was Elderfire Mango from Newks. This one offers a fruity sweetness to its mild zesty flavor from habanero with orange juice, lime, mango, ginger, yellow bell pepper, and elderflower syrup that balanced the heat to compliment the tropical sweetness. This was delicious on my tuna patties, which makes such an easy dinner as well. You can also try this with curries, rice dishes or vegetables.

Next, I tried Ghost Pucker hot sauce from Volcanic Peppers. This one is a fiery heat with a tad of sweetness that has peach puree, habanero and peach ghost peppers along with spices that include cinnamon. If you like cinnamon in your hot sauce with a whopping blast of heat, then you would enjoy this one. I just think cinnamon belongs in desserts more than hot sauce.

From the Rancho Gordo Company, there was Rio Fuego. This has a medium hot zesty chili flavor in addition to ground pumpkin seeds and fruit vinegar that emerge together very nicely with a delicious smoky quality to it. This one was wonderful on scrambled eggs. Next time, I am going to put it in a dip or sandwich spread.

If you never tried the advantages of a Fuego Box hot sauce subscription, then I highly recommend it. Their monthly hot sauce box that comes with three hot sauces is $29.95 with free USA shipping. You also get a card about each of the month’s assortment that details how best dishes to use them. Check this hot sauce box out!


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