Oily Skin Remedies You Want to Normalize and Better Hydrate Suffering Skin

Woman Touching Her Skin for Oily Skin Remedies
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Having oily skin can be frustrating trying to control that excess oil that seems to continually be seeping from overactive sebaceous glands. This greasy feel that you notice on the skin’s surface is actually the sebum, which is composed of fat molecules or lipids, wax, fatty acids, and triglycerides. Though it may not seem that way when you’re experiencing skin problems, the sebum serves an important purpose to protect and hydrate the skin. It is only when those sebaceous glands become overactive that trouble arises, but these oily skin remedies can help combat that excess oil without drying the barrier of the skin out.

An overproduction of skin oil can come from hormones fluctuations such as in your teen years, before you get your period to when your aging body is preparing to go through perimenopause or menopause.

Another explanation of too much oil in the skin is the effect of the climate, especially during humid, hot weather. As a result, perspiration can cause swelling of the pores while unfortunately stimulating the sebaceous glands.

Diet is still another cause of the problem that you may want to address to curb oil production. For instance, you may want to use less salt. It may make food taste better, but it also robs your body of water. Because that water is being depleted from your skin cells, the sebaceous glands take it as sign to generate more oil.

Woman With Hands on Face for Oily Skin Remedies
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The same principle holds true eating too many unhealthy saturated fats like fried and highly processed foods because these choices cause inflammation that later triggers those sebaceous glands to supply more oil.

Still, you also may want to cut down on the sugar because it causes a nonenzymatic reaction that can play havoc on skin cells not working as they should so they lose moisture.

Alcohol is not helpful to your cause. It has the ability to steal water from the cells so in the process it signals those glands for more oil to compensate.

In order to reverse that current skin trauma, you need to create balance in the skin to reset its homeostasis to restore optimal internal functioning if you expect to renew the epidermis. Besides adjusting your diet and drinking more water, you don’t want to overuse skin care products that can overly dry the oil or depend too much on exfoliation. Otherwise, your solution could have the opposite effect in that quest for healthy skin by dehydrating the surface.

Oily skin remedies that could make a big difference to restoring that delicate balance are ones such as clary sage essential oil that has a compound called linalyl acetate and petitgrain essential oil that can reduce inflammation, help repair, calm the irritation due to antibacterial properties, and normalize it.

You also may want to look for skin care products for working with oily skin that won’t clog the pores while provided optimum moisture once your complexion heals. A humectant such as hyaluronic acid is ideal with how it molecules bind to water to moisturize the skin. On the same note, other excellent ingredients you may want to seek out are grape seed oil and jojoba oil that calm, balance and contribute the right amount of moisture without overloading the oil.

Healthy skin is not as far out of reach as you may have thought once. Becoming aware of the causes of that surplus of oil and proper oily skin remedies could be all it takes to come to your rescue. You also may want to read my earlier post with more oily skin care advice.


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