Say Goodbye to Dry Lips With Typology Lip Repair Skincare

Topology Lip Repair Products

It seems that I always am dealing with dry, chapped lips and hands through cold weather. When French vegan beauty brand, Typology sent me their latest vegan lip repair products, I was more than eager to put them to the test to see what their new resurfacing lip peel and repairing lip mask could do to improve the condition of my problem lips. Having worked with their company earlier with a few of their other skincare and tinted skincare products such as their tinted lip oil and tinted lip and cheek balms, I knew my lips were in for a treat due to their nourishing plant-based formulas.

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There are two products in this lip repair regime. The first is the actual Resurfacing Lip Peel, LAB-1022 that you apply to the dry, chapped surface with a wand. This is a clear exfoliant with 2% mandelic acid, a gentler alpha hydroxy acid since it has a smaller molecular size to best minimize chances of irritation. It also has a pomegranate enzyme that can stimulate the skin’s natural hydration from the acids in that fruit while also delicately polishing to bake up the benefits of the mandelic acid for accomplishing this task.

Topology Lip Peel

After painting on a thin layer of the Typology lip peel, I waited for it to work since there was no need to rinse this product off. Before long, I rubbed my lips and got rid of some of the flaking skin until smooth again. I do believe that powered combination of fruit acids of mandelic acid and a pomegranate enzyme was what did the trick getting rid of that dry skin and making my lips soft without overly stripping them of moisture.

Topology Lip Mask

Afterwards, my lips were good to go. I could have just gone with some color or pampered them further with the conditioning Typology Lip Mask, LAB-7003. I decided the lip mask was perfect since I was working from my home office. Let me assure you that this 98% natural vegan skin care product with its 1% ceramides and hyaluronic acid was the ultimate supple fix for my lips with the loving restoration this treatment provided.

If your lips also could use a beauty boost to solve that flaking skin problem for that smoothness you crave, these Typology lip repair products discussed here in this review can help. The Lip Peel with 2% mandelic acid + pomegranate enzyme, LAB-1022 retails for $28.50 while the Lip Mask with 1% ceramides + hyaluronic acid, LAB-7003 sells for $29.50 at the company’s website. Check their website out.


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