Unlock the Secret for How to Stay Young Despite Your Age and Thrive

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There are those that say age is just a number. Yet, others believe that aging also comes with deteriorating minds as well as bodies that are falling apart. Despite what you may believe, there is a secret with ways to slow down the aging process for how to stay young while adding years to your life. Though this desire to stay young may just sound like wishful thinking, it is more obtainable than you may think once you commit to making a few changes to how you live to help the body thrive inside and out.

Aging gracefully calls for paying more attention to eating a nutritious diet with more fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein, and whole grains. Just in case that you’re of the mindset that getting older gives you the freedom to eat whatever you want such as more refined foods and sugar because you don’t have to watch your figure, then you are only hurting yourself.

Excessive weight gain can have health consequences such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes. Those health problems are bad enough, but too much sugar can also contribute to autoimmune diseases as well as accelerate aging from how it affects the skin and collagen fibers for you to look much older than you need to be.

Instead, concentrate more on antioxidant foods such as dark chocolate when you want a sweet treat that can help beautify the skin through improved blood flow due to its bioactive compounds. Something else that helps combat that urge to eat sweets is to turn to pickles and those foods that curb sugar cravings discussed in my earlier post.

Besides a healthy, balanced diet, it is important to take part in some form of moderate physical exercise regularly if you hope to stay young. Something as simple as walking or aerobic exercise can help keep muscles flexible and assist your balance. After all, older people lose muscle strength and mobility, but working with weights is another secret way that can do wonders for muscle tone while strengthening bone mass through weight bearing exercise in your efforts to stay young.

How you think of yourself is another secret way for how to stay young. If you look into the mirror, what do you see? Is it the face of an old woman or man with graying hair, dark circles and a pale, washed out complexion that looks drained of life that you see? If so, then you may want to visit a hair stylist for a new hairstyle or coloring or invest in some makeup. Just remember, but a natural approach can do more for an aging face than piling on tons of makeup like a mask that can accentuate lines.

Often people forget about how significant keeping the mind challenged with new projects through learning, hobbies and activities such as reading provides. What happens is that you’re giving the brain incentive to spark new pathways to keep the mind sharp. Volunteering or mentoring are other possibilities that can be stimulating for the brain as well.

Also, dry brushing the body to exfoliate dead skin cells can increase circulation while helping with skin renewal. It promotes lymph flow and needed drainage in the process as those pores are purged to remove sweat and accumulated toxins from the body. The best way to begin is to start brushing from your feet and work your way up toward the heart using short, quick strokes.

On the same note, make it a habit to exfoliate your complexion at least once a week. The reason is that makeup and skin care ingredients can have chemicals such as silicones that are microscopic that can burrow deeply into your pores and remain after normal cleansing. If you expect younger appearing skin, then give your complexion a fighting chance for smoothing and cleaning out the pores to allow the beneficial skin care ingredients to better absorb and work later for your benefit.

The real secret for how to stay young despite your age to thrive and live your best life is also keeping a positive attitude. Ultimately, you can’t stop what is happening since this is a natural part of living. Just accept it and appreciate all you have learned to share with others and the world and enjoy each day to its fullest.


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