Why These Moisture Wicking Socks Can Keep Feet Dry and Comfortable

Spiffy Moisture Wicking Socks

With a great pair of socks, you can dress up or down for creating a fun, casual look. With a Spiffy Socks subscription, you can get the most unique moisture wicking socks that can keep your feet drier and more comfortable due to their antibacterial bamboo fabric. At the same time, they are full of playfulness with their artistic designs, colors and patterns that can be definite conversation starters for styling up your wardrobe that you want to relax in. This is why I have a pair of them on my feet right now and became their affiliate, but there is more to love about this healthier socks subscription.

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I know it can risky shopping for clothes and basics like socks online. After all, you can’t walk into the store and accurately judge the size or feel the quality. With Spiffy Socks, I don’t have to worry about washing them and developing pilling or falling apart as some socks tend to do after a few times of use. I have been wearing these socks for a while and they are still in good shape.

Furthermore, let me tell you that my feet do sweat when wearing cotton, cotton polyester or nylon socks and are actually damp when I take them off. Yet, ever since wearing these moisture wicking socks with 75% bamboo and 25% microfiber that this socks subscription sends, my feet are drier.

Have you noticed how tight some bands at the top of the socks can be? By the end of the day, they can leave marks in your legs and cause swelling. Though these are not diabetic socks if your legs tend to swell, these Spiffy Socks have a looser band that does cut down on burrowing into the leg, which is another reason I love them.

Something else about this socks subscription that also attracted me is how cutting edge these moisture wicking socks are. I seriously doubt that you can shop locally and find these pairs of vibrant foot fashion anywhere else but from them.

Now that I explained why I honestly do love Spiffy Socks, I want to show you what my latest socks were like. My pair for women (sizes 5-11) had a beige background and the cutest design of different colored balls of heart-shaped yarn with brown knitting needles sticking them with a pale blue heel.

The pair for my guy (fits sizes 6-12.5) this month had a cream background with acorns and leaves turning colors with smaller nuts in between. The top band and heel were a rust color.

If what I describe sounds like the healthier socks that appeal to you as well, then check the company’s website to order. The cost is $11.95 with free United States shipping per a woman’s or man’s subscription. Trust me, but you will notice the difference wearing socks from this subscription box. Check their website out!

Once you try a Spiffy Socks subscription, you might want to know what to do with all your other uncomfortable socks. Read my other post on how to repurpose them.


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