Butcherbox Promo Code: FREE Ground Beef for Life Is a Deal You Don’t Want to Miss!

ButcherBox Promo Ground Beef for Life
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With all that you can do with ground beef, you never run short of cooking inspiration with what to make for dinner. However, grass-fed ground beef is healthier, safer and tastier if you ask me with a lot less fat than regular beef. This is why it is one of my favorite staples for my freezer, especially when you’re extra busy or planning to start grilling outdoors. For this reason, I am thrilled to tell you that I have a Butcherbox promo code deal that is a great buy and value. You can get two packs of grass-fed ground beef in every box for the course of the life of your subscription for first time subscribers, which is a sale you don’t want to miss!

**Disclaimer: This post contains referral/affiliate links.  If you buy something at Butcher Box, Beauty Cooks Kisses may earn a commission.  All opinions expressed are my own honest ones.**

I am a #ButcherBoxPartner, but I have a family just like you. Though you may think what is the big deal about ground beef, I want to serve them the best nutrition without growth hormones, antibiotics and not to mention additives to their grains that will turn your stomach and never let you think of regular meats and poultry in the same way. This is why we only eat quality Butcherbox beef and organic chicken or meatless meals. Before you rush and say to yourself that I just want to make a commission, I’ll beat you too it. Of course, I want to make a commission, but it is important to know what you are eating because it does affect your health.

Grass-fed beef has lower fat content than regular supermarket beef and more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for heart health along with ample antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E.

I don’t want to change the subject, but organic chicken has more omega-3 fatty acids as well. Since the chickens aren’t crowded together and fed hormones and antibiotics like regular chickens, then the organic variety poses less risk for you to develop salmonella is what the research shows. And let me tell you that Butcherbox sends USDA-certified organic chicken.

There are five meat boxes that you can pick from with four curated box options. You also have an option to choose the custom box to order the items you prefer from grass fed beef, organic poultry, wild-caught seafood to humanely raised pork. This choice for Butcherbox pricing typically has 9-14 lbs. for $169. You can also order a big box.

Another thing is having quality Butcherbox meats in the freezer is so convenient. The furthest that you have to travel is your freezer instead of making a special trip to the supermarket, which is nice and can save you money on gas as well.

Something else to keep in mind is that once you subscribe you can control how often you want a new box and can cancel anytime without worrying about a penalty.

How the meats that come to our tables are raised such as pasture raised beef and free range chickens does matter. In fact, Mother’s Day is just around the corner and using this Butcherbox coupon code deal for the free two pound packs of grass fed ground beef in every box for life of that subscription for first time subscribers could make the perfect food gift to express that love to mom or grandmother. This Butcherbox promo code sale offers real value for the ground beef, but it is running now and ends June 30 so please check it out through my link. Thanks so much!


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