Handbag Care Tips That Will Ensure Your Bags Longest Beautiful Life

Handbag for Handbag Care Tips
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You know the feeling when you buy that first expensive designer handbag to add to your wardrobe. This bag will be one that you can’t stop admiring for its quality and artistry in detailing and shape that it can leave you almost giddy with happiness knowing how much it will elevate your sense of style. Therefore, you want to do everything in your power to preserve your beloved new treasure’s longest life and these handbag care tips can do just that.

A good place to start is considering what you haul and stuff in your handbag and judge the weight if you intend to maintain its shape. Sometimes, we often carry more things than we really need. Unfortunately, this habit could deform its lines as well as cause extra wear on the straps or cause the lining to tear. If you also tend to throw in pens, lipstick or other makeup loose at the bottom of your bag, then you also are risking more damage to that handbag with stains that may not come out.

Some people routinely leave their handbag on the floor without thinking nothing of it. However, it also always picks up any grime and loads of bacteria, especially revolting in a public restroom where a toilet may have overflowed a bit earlier or unintentional spills that may come its way. Then again, I noticed a friend that loved to keep hers in the passenger side floor of her car. One of the best tips for the beauty and health of your handbag means putting it on a chair or a small side table.

Still, you may think hanging the handbag from your doorknob or a hook is just as good or maybe better. But, you would be wrong. The reason is because you are putting the straps of your bag at risk from the weight of contents that drag it down. An inner bag that you remove the contents before hanging it up could help to a point, but it still will put some pressure on the straps to stretch and wear them out a bit.

Listen to the weather forecast the night before leaving for work is important and prepare ahead. If I hear there is a good chance of rain, then I like to switch out my handbag for one that does holds up better in bad weather such as one made of vinyl or nylon instead of a leather, especially a soft buttery leather. Rain can spell death for the beauty of that precious designer handbag so it is best to avoid being in it. Of course, you can try some warm water that you mixed a little dish detergent to wipe it afterwards, but it can only do so much.

You may want to rotate your handbag eventually, but do it the right way and store in the material dust bag that it came in. After all, you want the leather to breathe instead of a plastic bag. You can also use a clean cotton pillowcase. The good thing about rotating your favorite bag is that it will extend its life to be with you longer.

To go one step further, you don’t want to leave your handbag in a sunny spot or near the heat is another of these care tips worth keeping in mind. Sunlight can fade the color and corrupt the quality of the leather enough to make it sag or crease around the corners, which is not what you want for those beautiful designer handbags.

Handling your bag with clean hands matters. This may sound silly and common knowledge. Nonetheless, it can be easy to forget that you just applied hand cream or touched something slighty sticky or messy that could later stain the surface. This is just something to keep in mind.

Every so often, it is to your benefit to clean the bag with a small amount of mild dish detergent and warm water is useful followed by rinsing it with another soft cloth to dry can help preserve its longevity. If you do this for the care of your handbag occasionally, it will last a much longer time in the best condition is another of these valuable tips.

Of course, you will eventually get a scuff or a scratch on your bag. You might want to read my earlier post on leather cleaning and scratch repair further on this subject.


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