Why Spiffy Bamboo Fiber Socks Keep Feet Dry and Comfortable

Spiffy Socks Bamboo Fabric

You may think that socks are basically all the same in just different colors, styles or materials. However, the socks that I am wearing as I type this post are moisture control socks from Spiffy Socks that really do keep my feet drier and more comfortable than other brands due to their bamboo fiber fabric. Let me tell you why that are different from the hoards of other socks out there for purchase.

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Many socks usually are made of all cotton, nylon, wool, polyester, cashmere, spandex or blends of those fabrics. Though they tend to keep feet dry at first, they also don’t control the moisture from sweating feet in the same way as bamboo that Spiffy Socks uses. You may not believe me, but the proof is wearing them all day to see for yourself. You’ll notice a big difference in their moisture wicking properties.

Drier feet are one advantage of Spiffy Socks, but I also have to point out they do have other fine points. The band of the top of these socks is looser than many others I bought that can leave marks in the calves once removed. Besides that, they also are fun to wear with wild patterns, vibrant colors and cute designs that always grab attention.

For example, take a look at what my latest pair for a woman was like for April. Their best socks for sweaty feet, you might want to check the company’s website to order. The cost is $11.95 with free United States shipping. Trust me, but you will notice the difference wearing Spiffy Socks with their bamboo fiber from this subscription box.


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