How to Refresh Your Home with Simple Interior Decorating Ideas

Interior Decorating Mirror to Enlarge Room
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Vincent Rivaud

Spring is the perfect time to deep clean and freshen up the look of your home. Often, a few minor changes can be enough to quickly change a room without spending a fortune. Though I am not a professional interior decorator, I have picked up some decorating ideas through the years and from friends that helped inspire me and hopefully help you too.

One that I learned is that adding a big mirror enlarges the space of any room and can double the amount of natural light. You’ll really notice the difference is you have a small living room or bedroom once you hang one compared to a painting or picture in that spot.

Something else that can make a small room to appear larger is rethinking where you hang your curtains. Usually we hang them just above the window trim, but if you move them higher up and closer to the ceiling, it creates an illusion of height to enlarge the room.

The first place guests notice when walking into your home is the entry. If you have a large entry, then adding a small table or bench can set a better visual effect. Hanging a mirror above the table, an umbrella stand and a rug can say a lot to welcome people into your home.

You can find unique and beautiful objects at a local flea market, swap meet or garage sales that also can give your home that special touch. My friend bought an antique milk can for an umbrella stand in keeping with her country style and it looked amazing the way it drew you into the house. Antique baskets and wicker pieces are gorgeous for display when put selectively in the right spots.

Maybe you are tired of staring at the same pictures or art on your walls or knick knacks you display. An easy solution is to take them to your local flea market or swap meet and sell them. You can make money and often find beautiful replacements sometimes even on that same day.

Believe it or not, changing out your table lamps can also have a big impact on changing the look of the room. However, here’s a tip that you should keep in mind before buying new ones. You need to make sure the bottom of the shade is no higher when sitting than at ear level. The reason taking that height into consideration is important is because the light will fall too much on the face to become annoying.

Sometimes less is more in a room such as with a few larger decorative objects compared to an abundance of smaller pieces that can appear more like clutter.

These are just a few interior decorating ideas that really do seem to make a difference in changing the look of the room. Hopefully, what I shared will come in handy for you too.


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