Vegan Self Tanning: Topology Products Review for a Great Natural Glow

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Radiance from bathing in the sun may produce a great tan, but there is an easier and safer way with self tanning products. If you hate dousing yourself with a lot of artificial chemicals just to gain some color, then French brand, Topology sent me their new vegan self tanner face and body gel that really do deliver the kind of gorgeous tan you would appreciate.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Trying to get an artificial tan can be tricky as you know. You can end with streaks or a strange orange color that sometimes remains longer than you ever thought it would. However, Topology’s LAB – 1021 10% DHA + Carob Pulp Progressive Self-Tanning Face Serum ($27.40) delivered the type of gradual tan that looked more natural in my opinion without parabens, phenoxyethanol, paraffin oil or sulfates.

I applied just two drops of this self tan face serum on my clean and moisturized face to neck. The color doesn’t show up immediately, but took a few hours. Later in the day, I was delighted at the glow that I got.

If you want a medium tan, it would take about four drops while a deep bronze shade would require about six drops of this face serum. Though you can build up the degree of how dark you want to go, I like a light hint of color so I will stop with that amount and reapply once the color starts fading.

At the same time, I experimented with their 98% naturally derived LAB – 5003 Self-Tanning Body Gel With 6% DHA + Aloe Vera ($39.90). After I bathed and exfoliated, I used a tiny bit of this gel and started on one leg. Slowly, I kept massaging what I applied until it absorbed before moving on higher up on my leg. I repeated this process until finishing my legs, arms and shoulder area.

Just like I did my face in the morning, I noticed toward dinner time that I gained some light color that can last from five to seven days. I had the option of going darker and may do that later, but I like this shade, especially for this time of year.

Anyone that wants a home tan without an overwhelming smell that does the job safely without worrying about what sort of chemicals may be penetrating through your pores, should check out these new Topology vegan self tanning products at the company’s website. I know that you will love them.


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