What Makes a Best Friend Different From a Regular Friend

Best Friend
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Friends are important to our lives just as much as the air we breathe and the food we eat. They offer companionship to keep us from loneliness to provide those needed human connections that are essential to make us feel we matter. As a result, we have less stress and more happiness because of their inclusion in our lives. However, there is a real difference between a friend and a best friend that you may not be aware of.

A best friend is someone that you can trust and confide in when you’re upset as well as excited and happy about what is going on in your life. This bestie listens attentively with sincere compassion and never judges you when you need to get those emotions out. You might say this person is your sounding board whenever you need to talk.

Moreover, this sort is happy for you when you succeed or when something good happens to you. Unlike a regular friend who might feel insecure or resentful of your achievements, a bestie will always cheer for you.

Though it can be hard to hear at time, this particular person will tell you the truth and an honest opinion when you ask for it compared to one that will give you a half truth or white lie to spare your feelings.

On a similar note, this person will keep your secrets while the other could unintentionally let the secret slip or use it for gossip.

Furthermore, this one realizes the importance of that relationship and will apologize when wrong unlike a regular one that may feel justified in what was said with no need to ever apologize.

Each of us handles stressful emotions differently. Sometimes, we need space and want to be alone to sort through what we are feeling. A bestie respects your personal boundaries and never insists on making you do something you may regret later unlike the other one.

In the same way, this person is like a pit bull and will always stand up for you when others are intent on hurting you. One will never let others say outrageous bad things about you to tarnish your reputation and go to great lengths to defend and support you.

Most of all, your bestie is the one that always can make you laugh and have fun with. Because of that special bond, this person also makes you feel good about yourself.

If you’re still not sure of how to distinguish them apart, you also may find it helpful to read my earlier post on toxic friendship to better understand this further.


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