Eco Friendly Socks: How Spiffy Socks Keep Feet Comfy and the Earth Healthy

Eco Friendly Spiffy Socks

Shopping for socks may seem like an easy task, but it can be a daunting one. After all, you buy them based on price, style, color, design or fabric. You often are pleased in one aspect of the purchase such as a great price or a perfect color or fit, but later find a fault with how much your feet sweat in them. This is why a Spiffy eco friendly socks subscription can be a better solution for your feet and planet.

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How Eco Friendly Socks Can Make a Difference

The reason is Spiffy Socks use bamboo in the fabric, which is a renewable green resource. Harvesting a wood plant like bamboo only takes one to five years to grow it back. Being a sustainable option, it also contributes 35% more oxygen for the planet than other trees.

Another benefit of using bamboo for socks is that it is also antibacterial. This means it can defend the feet against bacteria from excess sweating to its moisture wicking power since bamboo has higher absorption effectiveness than mere cotton.

Here’s something else that you may not know about bamboo. It also has thermoregulatory properties to keep feet cooler in hot summer weather and warmer in the cold winter weather.

The best part of a Spiffy Socks subscription while your feet are more comfortable after a day in them, you also have fun wearing them with their eye-catching designs, patterns and bold colors. For example, here is what the new eco friendly socks sent for June 2023.

The first pair for my guy had a royal blue top band and color in the heel. The sock with 75% bamboo fiber and 25% microfiber has a gold-orange background with a colorful ostrich and deer pattern, which definitely would attract attention once on feet. These size for men ranges from 6-12.5.

The pair for women was adorable in its design. These sustainable socks were white with teddy bears plastered inside of various colors. It also was 75% bamboo fabric and 25% microfiber. The size for women fits sizes 5-11.

The price to subscribe to what I consider the best green sock subscription from Spiffy Socks is $11.95 for a monthly shipment of one pair with free USA shipping. Visit the company’s website because once you try the difference you’ll probably want to replace your old socks with their arrivals. If you don’t know what to do with those sock rejects, read my post about crafting ideas for those old socks.


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