How Taurine Benefits Your Health and Slows Down Aging

Beef Cooking for Taurine Benefits for Health
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Taurine is an essential amino acid that the adult body produces on its own from foods we eat such as meat, fish and diary from their available cysteine and hypotaurine. However, a problem occurs as we age because our systems can’t make as much taurine, especially after age 60. Why this should concern you is because natural taurine in the blood is critical for the overall condition of your health, mind and appearance. Some of the health benefits of taurine include supporting your metabolism, protecting your eyes, heart, and immune system, boosting your physical performance, and fighting brain aging.

Why You Should Care About Decreasing Levels of This Amino Acid

The reason you may want to take this micro nutrient more seriously is because it can slow down key markers of aging, heightened DNA damage, telomerase deficiency and related diseases. Without enough circulating in the blood, inflammation, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, abdominal obesity, kidney dysfunction, retinal damage to decreased mental abilities is a typical consequence.

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Interesting research is being conducted on mice supplementing with taurine that is very promising for turning back the clock. After one year, the findings concluded the subjects had more energy, dropped weight, increased bone mass, better muscle function and strength, mental improvements to help combat type 2 diabetes, and a revitalized immune system.

There is no recommended amount of this particular amino acid. Even if you beef up your levels of taurine through foods such as through lean beef, chicken, turkey, pork loin, tuna, shellfish, and dairy product like milk, cheese and yogurt, you still may be lacking. However, if you’re thinking of using a supplement then the dosages can vary from 500 mg to 3,000 mg a day is considered safe. Still, you need to check with your doctor because drug interactions can result or make your prescriptions less effective.

Another way to help your body utilize taurine is through exercise. Why this makes a difference is because this essential amino acid can boost the energy at the cellular level while safeguarding against oxidative stress. You can burn more calories and have better muscle endurance.

There is a saying that we get better with age. Of course, we gain wisdom through the years, but no one can deny that the aging process does cause our bodies to slowly decline. Yet, there is exciting hope for what may be possible thanks to taurine for health benefits, but more research is still needed to see what we may expect to expand our life spans and quality of life.


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