How Typology Paris Customized Vegan Skincare Transformed My Dry Skin

Typology Paris is premium natural skincare company that focuses on manufacturing healthier clean and vegan products with a minimalist approach for delivering the purest ingredients geared to what the skin needs to correct itself. Ever since this French company reached out to me last year, I have been regularly using their products because of what a beautiful difference delivered to my skin. I was asked if I wanted to take the customized skincare quiz again to see if my product recommendations would change. In this post I will share my thoughts of these new Typology skincare products and results in this new review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Typology Paris is not your typical skincare brand. They don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to skincare. Instead, they have a diagnostic test that analyzes your skin condition, lifestyle, and preferences, and then recommends the best products for you. You can take the test online or in their store in Paris, and get your personalized skincare routine delivered to your door.

I took the test online last year and recently, and I was impressed by how thorough and accurate it was. It asked me about my skin type, concerns, goals, habits, environment, allergies, and more. It also showed me the ingredients and benefits of each product that it suggested for me.

My skin is dry, sensitive, and prone to redness and dullness. I also have some fine lines and dark circles that I want to minimize. The test recommended the following products for me:

Topology Paris Serums

My skin diagnostic test recommended the following for my DE-skin:

PLANTES 8001 Antioxidant Moisturizer with Cartenoids + Organic Lavender Extract

LAB 1028 Antioxidant Serum with 3% Ferulic Acid + Ashitaba

TEN 2002 7-Ingredient Cleansing Oil

LAB 3002 Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

LAB 1002 Radiance Serum Vitamin C 11%

LAB 1003 Eye Serum With Caffeine + Ninacinmide

I started my mornings my days using LAB 3002 Exfoliating Cleansing Gel. This was gentle liquid scrub that I only needed about a dime size to rub into my wet face for cleansing. I found it was non-drying and made my dry and often sensitive skin feel pampered and nourished as it helped rid debris and dead skin cells subtly. The scent was refreshing with a clean smell while it polished and prepared my skin for the day ahead.

Topology Paris Cleansers

At night, I added the 7-Ingredient Cleansing Oil TEN 2002 to my cleansing routine. This is a natural oil-based cleanser removed my makeup that included even the stubborn waterproof mascara with ease after I applied some to a cotton ball.

Later, I doubled cleansed at night using the Exfoliating Cleansing Gel as the final step for that deep clean feeling.

After cleansing, I applied the Eye Serum with Caffeine + Ninacinamide LAB1003 under my eyes to deal with dark circles and morning puffiness that especially come with territory if you also happen to have allergies. This is really an exciting product. You won’t see an immediate change in its lightening power, but be patient because it took a few weeks before I noticed how much brighter my under eye area became. I also had less puffiness as well.

Next, I always applied the Typology Paris Vitamin C Serum LAB 1002 before my moisturizer. This serum is fast absorbing, not greasy and ideally preps the skin for a moisturizer. With its 11% vitamin C, this serum is up to the task of brightening the skin gently for that healthy radiant glow.

In the morning, I always followed that serum with my new moisturizer, Typology Plantes 8001 Antioxidant Moisturizer with Carotenoids + Organic Lavender Extract. This is a soothing yellowish tinted lotion that treats and defends the skin from the effects of the environment and cellular oxidation with 99% all certified organic ingredients. The carotenoids are from an ingredient, astaxanthin, that I really love for anti-aging better known as algae. This product also has kale, ginseng and lavender.

My nighttime skincare routine after cleansing started with a fresh application of the eye serum followed with their LAB 1028 Antioxidant Serum with 3% Ferulic Acid + Ashitaba. Two or three drops were what I used to spread over my face for about a month now. I do want to mention this serum does gain a yellow color over time, which is normal and does not make it less effective.

How These Typology Paris Vegan Skincare Worked on My Skin

After a month now of daily use in my latest customized prescription, I can honestly tell you that my complexion had a lovelier radiance, more healthy color, firmness, and improved skin tone that looked more even. I even noticed a small dark spot lightened on my cheek. Besides that, my eye area brightened more, which is especially amazing because my allergies this time of year, darken them up like I makeup smudged toward the outer corners of my eyes.

If you’re searching for new and healthier clean skincare that won’t let you down, then Typology Paris can be the answer. No joke, I am one of their Ambassadors because I do believe in their vegan skincare formulas for safety, effectiveness and mission to be up front with customers. Check the company’s website out.


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