How to Spice Up Your BBQ with Fuego Box Hot Sauce: July 2023 Review

Fuego Box Hot Sauce July 2023

Adding some spicy heat to your favorite dishes really can heighten the flavor such as what Fuego Box hot sauce sent for this review. If you haven’t sampled their hot sauce while barbecuing chicken, burgers, steak or fish, I found the zesty quality of their artisan brands manages to intensify their delicious tastes in a fantastic way. For this reason, let me share more with you about this hot sauce subscription and the newest trio.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The first hot pepper sauce was Peace & Plenty from Southernaire Market. This one was delightful on grilled fish with its sweet tropical heat from pineapple and mango to chili peppers and its incredible seasonings. It has a balanced medium heat that gives it a nice kick to the bite without paralyzing the taste buds to savor the flavor.

Next, I sampled Shaquanda’s West Indian Curry Hot Pepper Sauce. This has a medium heat and unique curry taste to the spices and Scotch bonnet pepper without exaggerating the curry. However, it does have allspice and cinnamon that comes through. You may love that combination, but I don’t care for dessert spices in my hot sauce.

The last hot sauce this month from Fuego Box was Jalapeno Maple from Sinai Gourmet. This is a vinegar free sauce with medium heat packed with nippy flavor from jalapeno peppers with lime juice and maple syrup to the herbs and spices. If you like wings on the grill, this is a good place to start trying it.

If you haven’t tried ordering from this hot sauce subscription yet, then let me clue you in about Fuego Box and how it works. For $29.95 a month and free USA shipping, you get three hot sauces delivered. You also get a card about each of the month’s assortment with ideas how on the best dishes to use them.

My advice is simple if you want an easy way to add flavor to grilled dishes such as discussed here in this review, then visit the Fuego Box company’s website for hot sauce. Your taste buds and metabolism will thank you for it.


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