How the Bob and Brad 721 Foot Massager Can Relieve Your Foot Pain: A Review

Bob and Brad Foot Massager

Foot pain is something that can spoil the quality of your life. Whether you experience tired, achy feet after standing all day at a job or from limited mobility and an inactive lifestyle, the solutions for relief may not have worked to your satisfaction. If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to read my review of the Bob and Brad 721 Foot Massager because it can make a difference.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

This foot massager is an electrical Shiatsu deep kneading unit with four massage settings for pressure, compression and heat that can be customized for your own comfort level. The unit is fairly compact with two slots to house your feet (up to size 12 for men) with a control panel, an AC charger, a stand accessory, and a remote.

Accessories for Foot Massager

Once you plug in the adapter and connect it to the cord on the machine, this electric Shiatsu deep kneading foot massager blue power light flashes, ready for you to stick your feet in. You can bend over and adjust the settings from the comfort of your seat or using the remote, close enough so the signal is not obstructed. Furthermore, this foot machine will automatically stop after a fifteen minute session.

My mother that has foot pain tried this device. The first time we experimented with it on her, and I set all the levels on low. This was a nice relaxing feeling for her, but she loved it more when we went to the second medium button for kneading, air pressure level, the rhythmical mode in the massage by how the machine inflates and deflates against the feet, and the heat.

Bob and Brad Foot Massager with Feet

I also thought those choices were both soothing and energizing when selected for my feet. When I further experimented, I kept changing the options to compare the feel. My favorite was kneading intensity on high and the rest on medium. Let me tell you that this electric foot massager is like having your own personal masseuse from how it targets the heel and focuses on the arch. The electrical touch as this massager works with its deep tissue massage and heat truly did revive my feet from how it managed to target those pressure points.

My mother now has made a home for her new foot friend to keep it handy for daily treatments. I also have to tell you that it has helped her swelling in her feet. She wears compression hose, but kept them off during a few days of testing this massager. Without them, her feet swell more. Yet, her feet seemed less swollen.

I am not a physical therapist or any physician, but in my opinion the Bob and Brad 721 Foot Massager is a winner for anyone with feet in search of some easing relief. This Shiatsu foot massager is currently on sale from its regular $169.99 price to $129.99. Check it out on the company’s Amazon website because you’ll want to pick one up.


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