How to Relieve Leg Pain and Swelling with Bob and Brad Leg Massager (Review)

Bob and Brad  Leg Massager

Whether you spend a lot of time on your feet standing, walking or any physical activity, you may experience leg pain and swelling. You may also have physical limitations, but still have swollen legs, bad circulation and aches. Something that you may not have tried before is a leg massager with heat and compression to deal with the problem. Therefore, let me tell you about this Bob and Brad leg massage machine sent to me for this review and why you may want to check it out.

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This leg massage unit for circulation was developed by physical therapists utilizing their professional expertise combined with the latest air compression massage technology. This Bob and Brad unit has heat and compression built in the device that comes with a LCD controller, four modes and intensities to stimulate the feel of a warm hand massage for addressing muscle pain and promoting better blood flow. This machine will automatically stop a treatment after fifteen minutes.

Wearing Leg Massager Laying on Bed

This air compression leg massager works by slipping feet into two tall specially designed boots that are attached with hoses along with a separate band with hoses for the thigh area. Under the LCD controller is a spot to plug in the adapter to plug this machine into an electrical outlet to operate it.

I must admit the Bob and Brad leg massage device took a bit of effort trying to position yourself in the connected boots and upper thigh wraps. Though you can disconnect the hoses, they are tricky to pull out so I left them alone. After the second time of use, I found it still complicated but easier once I got more acquainted with this machine.

The directions in the booklet could have been a bit more detailed, but you can figure it by just pressing the different modes with two heating modes and intensity levels. Once you plug this leg massage device in, you press the power button of the LCD screen displaying the current mode, intensity and heat level. For example, you select mode 1 and this concentrates the compression on your feet. Mode 2 is focused on the calves while mode 3 is for the thighs whereas mode 4 is for utilizing the full leg with or without heat and the level of intensity.

Leg Massager Laying on Bed Front view

My mother has a problem with swelling in her legs and wears T.E.D. hose for help counteracting the swelling. We weren’t sure if we were supposed to leave them on or off while using this leg massager, but we used the device without. We went through all the levels, but she liked the low intensity the best, especially when working on the feet. The high was a little too much pressure for her feet.

In summary, the Bob and Brad Leg Massager with compression really helped minimized her swelling and leg pain that comes with it. She did it in the mornings and then put her T.E.D. hose on after the session and noticed the swelling in her feet was down and better than just wearing T.E.D. hose.

If you have a problem with foot pain and swelling, you honestly need to try this massager because it may bring you the same relief that it did for my mother. Visit the company’s Amazon website and check it out. It could be the best purchase you ever made for this type of problem.

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