How I Improved My Health and Weight with SaladPower Organic Smoothie: A Honest Review

SaladPower Organic Smoothie

Though we all try to eat as healthy of a diet as possible, we often can fall short of that goal. This is especially true when trying to get our daily vegetable requirement. However, I recently tested organic green smoothies from SaladPower that really impressed me enough for taste and maximum nutrition that I became their affiliate. Therefore, let me tell why in this review that I think this one from SaladPower is the best organic green smoothie drink you could possibly want in your body.

**Disclaimer: This post contains referral/affiliate links.  If you buy something at SaladPower, Beauty Cooks Kisses may earn a commission.  All opinions expressed are my own honest ones.**

Why This Veggie Smoothie Is the Best

  • First of all, this smoothie is made with strictly USDA organic ingredients that are ready to drink from its handy pouch. In fact, each pouch has sixteen spinach leaves, a dozen kale leaves, five carrots, four broccoli heads, one half of an apple and one-fourth of a lemon that delivers twice the recommended daily vegetables for a healthy diet.
  • Secondly, this organic green smoothie drink is fresh and delicious with a subtle natural sweetness from the apple and carrots that gently bodes well with the lemon to compliment the greens. This drink does not taste like liquid vegetables thanks to SaladPower’s innovative recipe.
  • Thirdly, the healthy smoothie is a satisfying meal-like beverage that is perfect for traveling with you to places such as the office, after a workout as well as a convenient and quick breakfast or lunch.
  • Furthermore, this drink is an ideal meal replacement breakfast or lunch for those dieting. It also helps fuel dwindling energy better through its antioxidant power than any diet soda. Honestly, I was shocked at how one pouch has just ninety calories could fill me up until lunch. I never felt more satisfied drinking a vegetable smoothie as I did with the one produced by SaladPower, which was amazing if you ask me since no protein powder was involved.
  • In addition, this smoothie involves no mess using a blender, mixing up other ingredients or cleanup afterwards. All you need to do is pack your pouch and later discard the empty container, which always pleases me to save washing dishes.
  • Still, this organic beverage is a wonderful idea for those fussy eaters such as finicky kids that make faces when vegetables show up on their dinner plates to encourage healthy eating habits. This is also fantastic for those elderly relatives or friends or someone trying to recoup after a hospital stay or illness to recover their lost strength and vitality.

How SaladPower Works

  • You can make a one-time purchase to test these products out or subscribe monthly with a choice of six pouches or thirty pouches for the month. Of course, you can cancel anytime. Please if you do decide to buy, I would appreciate it if you went through my link.
  • SaladPower also is a company with a mission that you got to love. For every sale of a six-pack of smoothies, the company one hundred new organic seeds for the following harvest because only 0.85% of all farmland in the United States grows organic plants.

If you want to do something to genuinely help your body feel and look better, maximizing nutrition through healthy eating habits can be the key. Do yourself a favor and check out the company’s website because you are really going to be glad you did. Once you start regularly drinking a SaladPower organic smoothie, you too will love that revived energy and slimmer weight like I discovered with their fabulous organic smoothie that I now made a ritual of from this review.


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