How Celestial Silk Products Can Boost Your Anti-Aging Routine

Celestial Silk Pillowcase
Photo Courtesy of Celestial Silk

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for any beauty lover, then I have the perfect suggestion. Therefore, let me tell you exactly why Celestial Silk products sent for this review could bring more holiday cheer.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Silk is one of those amazing fabrics with the abilities it has for keeping skin and hair healthier and aging less. In fact, Celestial Silk uses top grade pure 100% mulberry silk, which is a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies since it is a hypo-allergenic fabric. This matters because their silk pillowcases have the most soft and luxurious feel due to the 25mm, otherwise referred to as momme, fabric count. Why that benefits your face and hair is because the skin won’t pull to safeguard against wrinkling with less friction for your hair to keep more of it in your head unlike like it does when you sleep on cotton or a microfiber blend. In fact, it also helps the skin and hair retain moisture compared to those other options as well.

What is even better about these silk pillowcases not only have gorgeous sheen, but are machine washable unlike many of its competitors that require dry cleaning. However, Celestial Silk recommends air drying over putting them in the dryer for keeping them at their best. Nonetheless, if you do want to use your dryer, then tumble on cool and remove them when 80% to 85% dry.

As to their selection, there are so many beautiful color options with 20 different shades available. Whether you need standard, queen and king sizes, the company also has two closure designs with a zipper or envelope style. Yet, each style has side enclosures so your pillowcase stays in place.

Silk Headband
Photo Courtesy of Celestial Silk

Yet, how can I neglect to mention their lovely silk headbands? These are so useful when you want to fasten your hair back when cleansing, doing facials, applying makeup, etc. I thought the spa design worked better for me, being a thicker band. It has a Velcro band to locking it in place.

Both the Celestial Silk pillowcase ($41.99) and silk headband ($26.99) would make a wonderful holiday gift. Trust me, but your skin and hair will thank you for it. My advice is check out the company’s website!

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