How to Enjoy Authentic Japanese Snacks with Tokyo Treat (Review + Coupon)

Tokyo Treat Snack Box
Photo Courtesy of Tokyo Treat

A delicious way to travel the world without leaving your home is through tasting authentic food from different countries. If you want to experience typical snacks and treats from Japan, then a Tokyo Treat snack subscription box can help you do so. Therefore, I am confident that you will want to hear more about this Japanese snack and candy box from the Sakuraco Company that arrived for this review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

What is Tokyo Treat and How Does It Work?

This Asian subscription box delivers anywhere from 15 to 20 full-size snacks per month made in Japan. What is interesting is that you get these food items labeled in Japanese along with a 20-page culture guide that explains what each one is as well. In case you have any food allergies, you also get an allergen guide, which is wonderful when you’re unfamiliar or fluent in a language.

You can expect Japanese drinks, instant ramen, candy, chips, salty snacks, cakes, cookies, and breads in each box. Furthermore, the current price varies from around $32-$37 per box depending on the subscription you select.

In addition, you have the option of ordering just for one month or through several other ways such as three months, six months or twelve months, which will cost less. Yet, you can also select how you want to be billed from quarterly, biannually or annually to save the most money.

Something else that is important is shipping. The company offers international shipping to most countries. Nonetheless, there is an additional charge for shipping and method, which can vary per different countries. My box arrived through DHL delivery, which requires a signature. This guarantees you get the box instead of risking it to porch pirates.

To find out exactly the price of your subscription choice to this Japanese snack box is first by making your particular plan selection. This shipping fee will later be calculated at the checkout.

What’s Inside the New Year Snackin’ Party Box for 2023?

Tokyo Treat New Year Snack Box Up Close

Now that I gave you some basic information about this snack box from Japan, I will fill you in on what my New Year Snackin’ Party box contained.

  1. Yamato Aji Curry Crackers
  2. Choco Corn Puff Stick
  3. Kabayaki Taro Jerky (from an eel)
  4. Itomen Yamaimo Soba (those very long soba noodles the Japanese eat on New Year’s for good luck)
  5. Sour Cola Lollipop
  6. Mishmash Soda Candy Rope
  7. Fried Potato Snacks
  8. Seaweed & Salt Potato Sticks
  9. C.C. Lemon (lemony drink)
  10. Nagoya Donuts (made from red beans)
  11. Agemochi Bites (deep-fried mochi snacks slightly sweetened with soy sauce)
  12. Good Luck Taiyaki
  13. Sesame Sweet Potato Sticks
  14. Pretz Milk Roast (thin, mildly sweet crack sticks)
  15. Lucky Red & White KitKat (bag of tiny cookie/candy bars)

My Honest Review of Tokyo Treat Snack Box

These sweet and savory snacks from this Japanese subscription box were deliciously different and fun to sample. For instance, the KitKat bars here have milk chocolate on the outside coating, but these had white chocolate instead of the brown that we’re used too. The only one that I couldn’t put in my mouth was the Kabayaki Taro Jerky. The thought of eating something that reminded me of a snake instead of beef like in our jerky didn’t go over well with me. It could be delicious, but I just couldn’t sample that one. Otherwise, all the other snacks and treats I tried were very good.

How to Get a Special Coupon From Tokyo Treat

If you enjoy tasting unique foods from other cultures, then this snack box from the Orient is one that you should try. I don’t have a coupon to share, but go to the company’s website and click Today’s Promo, which will provide one. This Asian subscription box would also make a great holiday gift for those foodies on your gift list. Check the company’s website.

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