Ditch the Dozen: Best Rose Perfume for Valentine’s Day Magic

Best Rose Perfume for Valentine's Day Neon Rose

Red roses are customary to give your significant other on Valentine’s Day since they are symbols of love and passion. The only problem with giving real flowers is that they die rather quickly. However, there is a better way to keep that loving feeling alive by gifting rose perfume that lasts so much longer to keep that romantic magic going. If you agree, then let me tell you why Floral Street’s Neon Rose is the best rose perfume that can help you cast that romantic spell this Valentine’s Day!

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Neon Rose: The Ultimate Rose Fragrance for Valentine’s Day

Beyond Fresh Blooms: Unleash the Vibrant Energy of Neon Rose

Imagine capturing the beauty of fresh roses, not overly sweet like a classic rose perfume, but brighter and energetic due to its fruit and floral notes. How the perfumer, Jerome Epinette for Floral Street, layered the notes of apple blossom, bergamot, cassis, pear, and Sichuan pepper in the opening made a wearer instantly showered with lively, jazzed up drops of rose sweetness, bursting with juiciness and intriguing surprises.

This is a modern rose perfume that has the talent to keep you guessing through its green notes of juniper berries and angelica as it warms in the heart against jasmine contributing a herbal green quality to the floral sweetness, which is distinctive in how alluring those notes merge.

As this nontoxic perfume dries in the base with white cedar extract, amber and peach, Neon Rose gains a softer green fruit-floral quality that quietly seduces in how bewitching the scent becomes.

Gift with a Conscience: Neon Rose’s Safe & Sustainable Scent

Not all perfumes are created equally. Instead of subjecting your body to any potential harmful chemicals, Floral Street takes that health risk away being a vegan perfume. All their fragrance nontoxic ingredients are sustainably sourced ingredients without synthetic dyes, pthalates, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, or paraffins.

Cruelty-Free Love: Neon Rose Blooms Without Harming Animals

You also can feel good that no animals were subjected to suffering to get this Floral Street Neon Rose perfume to market. In fact, their line is free of Animal Derived Ingredients (ADI) such as bovine, caprine, porcine, or orvine species, or any other animal product, which a lot of their competitors cannot say.

Love Lasts Longer: Neon Rose’s Enduring Fragrance for Valentine’s Day

Something else that is important is how long the perfume will last. What I like is Neon Rose has 20% concentration of their perfume oil, which is double the lasting power of a regular eau de toilette.

In Conclusion

Floral Street Neon Rose meets all my criteria for being the best rose perfume in my opinion. It has an original beauty as a fresh greener version of a rose perfume, a safe formula, a great longevity without harming animals or the planet due to their recyclable packaging.

This Valentine’s Day why not change it up a bit and gift your sweetheart Floral Street Neon Rose perfume spray, the 0.34 ($35), the 1.7 oz. ($97) and the 3.4 oz. ($142)? So why not visit the company’s website and set the mood for romance this Valentine’s Day with what I consider the best rose perfume?


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