How to Use Toilet Paper Roll Hacks for Home, Crafts and School Art

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
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The next time that you’re about to toss empty toilet paper rolls into the trash, you might want to hold off on that. In this post, I’ll share some interesting and practical toilet paper roll hacks that can come in handy that you may never have dreamed of.

One of my favorite hacks for those discarded toilet paper rolls is using two of them for hanging pants to prevent them from wrinkling. How you accomplish this makeshift pants hanger is by cutting the long side of the tubes, wrap around a hanger and finish by taping the sides to lock the hanger in place. Without spending a cent for more pants hangers, those cardboard tubes provide that needed support to keep pants in place.

Cords and wires can be hard to store, especially for ones connected to your blow dryer or curling iron that you use all the time. However, slip a tube at the bottom of the blow dryer or curling iron and those attached cords will stay in order contained inside. This same trick works just as well for any cords and wires that need secured.

Rolls of gift wrap, shelf paper or contact paper that you started can be a hassle to keep organized. Yet, a toilet paper tube can end that unrolling paper chaos just by cutting the long side of the tube, inserting the remaining paper over it before taping it back up. If you have a larger leftover paper roll to store, a paper towel cardboard tube is also a great fix.

Organization for your home office supplies is helpful with toilet paper rolls. Use a cigar size box or slightly larger one for a base and cut two tubes across to make them shorter to use with two untouched rolls. Glue them down in the box. You can store pens in one, pencils in another, scissors or ruler, and markers. You also cut another two tubes even shorter and use them for smaller items such as paper clips and erasers. Wrap some decorative contact paper around them and inside the box can transform them with beauty as well as function.

Elementary art teachers can lower costs for their allotted art supply budget by using toilet rolls in classroom projects. You would be surprised at the creativity that can come out of implementing toilet paper rolls in a classroom. For example, children have so much fun building castles out of boxes making towers from toilet paper rolls.

Crafting unique jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets from toilet paper rolls is another of these toilet paper roll hacks. Young children decide on a color scheme first before painting each tube the colors planned for their necklace or bracelet. After the wet tubes dry, slice the long side the tubes open before cutting the thickness of rings intended for the project and taping each piece together. Other objects can also serve as beads such as penne, rigatoni or elbow macaroni pasta, buttons or seashells with holes that you can insert thick kitchen string or yarn to weave with the painted pieces helps spur imagination and artistic beauty while bolstering pride in developing the designed piece.

You also help feed our feathered friends by making a bird feeder to repurpose these cardboard tubes. This involves hardly any effort. You’ll just spread some peanut butter on the outer part of the tube before coating it with bird seed. Find a small branch to attach it and watch the birds enjoy it. You also jab two holes in the toilet paper roll to weave some string through to hang the new bird feeder before adding the peanut butter and seeds.

These are just six ideas for what to do with empty toilet paper rolls that may inspire you to reuse them. If you have any other toilet paper roll hacks that you want to share, please comment and share here.

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  1. Virginia
    January 31, 2024 / 7:39 am

    I have a 6 month old kitten and her favorite toy is made from a toilet paper roll. I cut strips 1/2 inch wide across the roll. She chases, flips and Carries them around in her mouth!

    • Mary Balandiat
      February 1, 2024 / 9:45 am

      Hi Virginia,

      Thanks for sharing that. I had a kitten that used to love playing with those small matchbox cars, pushing them back and forth with his little paws.

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