Organic Meat Delivery: A Review of ButcherBox and Their Amazing Deal

Wild-Caught Salmon From ButcherBox Organic Meat Delivery
Photo Courtesy of ButcherBox

Perhaps, you promised yourself that you will improve your diet this new year to eat more healthy as one of your resolutions. Then instead of digesting meats and poultry with antibiotics, growth hormones and disgusting additives fed to those animals intended for our food supply, here is a great deal from ButcherBox for stocking your freezer with healthy meats and poultry. With the ButcherBox choose your own deal offer, first time subscribers can now add two pounds of wild-caught salmon or grass-fed ground beef or three pounds of organic chicken to arrive in every box for a year. If you’re as fond of salmon as I am, then you don’t want to miss this particular ButcherBox offer from my favorite organic meat delivery service.

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Meats, fish and chicken from the supermarket really turn my stomach after researching what big farm businesses are legally permitted to feed their animals. Ever since that day that I made that eye-opening discovery, I made the switch to serving my family only grass-fed beef, organic chicken, wild-caught seafood, and better pork without nitrates. Yes, I am a #ButcherBoxPartner and may earn a commission if you buy through my link, which I hope you do, but their meats and poultry are the only ones I trust for guaranteeing my family is properly nourished with the most nutrients instead of meats with compromised nutrition. No joke, their meats are the only ones I use. Otherwise, I cook meatless meals.

I have been eating ButcherBox meats and poultry for a few years now and can tell you it is quality product. I don’t have a lot of waste from packages overstuffed with extra fat and packaging material. All their meats are well-trimmed without that excess junk that supermarkets stuff inside those meat and chicken packages to weigh more to boost the price while giving you less of that meat or chicken.

Another thing that I love about ButcherBox is I never doubt that each shipment with my meat, poultry and fish always arrives when I need it so I can just pull out a package from my freezer, especially when the weather gets bad just to shop for meats. Convenience and the money you save on gas is something you’ll appreciate as well.

How ButcherBox Works: Everything You Need to Know About Organic Meat Delivery

There are five meat boxes that you can select from with four curated box options. You also can pick the custom box to order the items you prefer from grass-fed beef, organic poultry, wild-caught seafood to humanely raised pork. This choice for ButcherBox pricing typically has 9-14 lbs. for $169. You can also order a big box.

If this sounds appealing to you as well, then I strongly encourage you to try ButcherBox and take advantage of the healthy benefits from this wonderful choose your own deal offer. Remember, you can select to have sent two pounds of wild-caught salmon, three pounds of organic chicken breasts or two pounds of free grass-fed ground beef in every box for a year for first time subscribers. Just remember, this ButcherBox deal runs now until January 31, 2024 so hurry because it can help build up that immune system. I would really appreciate if you buy to go through my link. Thanks so much if you do!


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