10 Creative Uses for What to Do with Empty Pill Bottles

Empty Pill Bottle

Did you know that most empty prescription bottles are not meant for your recycling? I’m referring to the translucent orange plastic bottles with a white, childproof lid. The only exception is if you see a #5 at the bottom of that bottle. However, as a general rule many communities still won’t allow such small bottles of recyclable plastic in most cases. Because of this, here are some surprising other uses for what to do with empty pill bottles instead of trashing them.

How Else to Repurpose Empty Pill Bottles

To get the ball rolling, you can use them for storing small items such as a handy sewing kit that fits neatly in your handbag or desk drawer at work without taking much space. You can fit in thread, pins and needle just in case you need a quick repair to an outfit when away from home.

Another great use for what to do with empty pill bottles is making a portable first aid kit for your handbag or when traveling. You can fit antibiotic cream, bandage or two, pain reliever, and a few disinfecting wipes.

Speaking of traveling, an empty prescription container can also be the perfect for carrying a few sample shampoo and conditioner packets instead of larger size bottles for vacations when flying. They take up less space and weight in the suitcase costing extra due to weight.

Furthermore, empty pills jars also can be used for storing a travel size toothpaste and dental floss.

Around your home, a recycled pill bottle is also convenient for storing nails, bolts, screws, washers, etc. to find them when needed again easily for home projects instead of rooting through a cluttered tool box.

Tiny office items such as paper clips can be a sturdier container placed in a plastic pill bottle than their paper box.

If you use bobby pins or hair ties, housing them in a free pill bottle can keep them more organized in one place.

Anyone involved with art and craft projects to jewelry making would appreciate pill bottles for beads, stringing material, sequins, and other items you use such as glitter.

A delicate necklace also can be kept safe in a crowded jewelry box in an empty pill bottle.

Before you know it, it will be time to start planting your garden. What else you can do with empty pill bottles is use them for keeping the various seeds that you later want to plant.

These are just a few ideas with creative ways to reuse pill containers that can get you started. In the process, you can feel good that you went green and didn’t contribute to polluting the planet with more rubbish.

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