12 Ingenious Other Uses for Coffee Filters That May Surprise You

Coffee Filters
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Coffee filters can do so much more than their original purpose for making coffee. Therefore, here are some coffee filter hacks that may come as a surprise and save you money from other uses for coffee filters for home, beauty to wardrobe.

Clever Other Uses for Coffee Filters Around the Home

Handy Tea Strainer – If you don’t own a tea ball strainer for loose tea, coffee filters are perfect ways to enjoy that tea. What you need to do is place some tea in the middle of the filter for the amount you’re making, then twist it into a pouch and secure with string or a small piece of unwaxed dental floss.

No-Streak Windows and Mirrors – Coffee filters are great for cleaning windows and mirrors instead of cloths or paper towels. You won’t find any lint left behind for better results.

Stainless Steel Cleaner – Hate those ugly streaks that you can find after cleaning stainless steel? Using a coffee filter while you clean the surface will solve that problem while buffing it up to add more beauty.

Dinnerware Protector – Stacking plates constantly takes a toll on them by increasing chances of chipping and scratches to the surface. However, another of these uses for coffee filters is placing them in between the plates helps protect them. You can line inside your favorite china cups with coffee filters as well if you also place them in that manner.

Electronics Duster – Coffee filters make the best dusting cloths for your television, computer and other electronic devices. The reason is their condensed cellulose fibers help lift the dust more easily.

To clean electronics, you’ll need two coffee filters. One will be for applying a spray cleaner that you trust for cleaning electronics and another for drying them afterwards.

Makeshift Funnel – A funnel is always a handy kitchen gadget, but if you don’t have one a coffee filter can substitute. Fold a filter twice into a quarter-pie shape, cut the pointed tip and open it a bit to prep it for funnel use.

Flowerpot Draining – Before adding the soil to a plant pot, insert one coffee filter in the bottom for promoting better water drainage. This coffee filter hack will prevent an accumulation of too much water for a healthier plant.

Storing Fragile Decorative Objects – Wrap coffee filters around small and delicate objects such as figurines and other miscellaneous little knickknacks to holiday ornaments when you want to store them away.

Coffee Filter Hacks for the Wardrobe

Shoe Polisher – Adding some shoe polish to a coffee filter is convenient for applying and later shining shoes up for the ultimate gleam.

Shoe Odor Control – Pour some baking soda inside the middle of a coffee filter and secure it to form a pouch with a string, a rubber band or some dental floss can banish an obnoxious foot odor without leaving a mess behind.

Unconvential Coffee Filter Uses for Beauty

Blotting Papers – Cut small pieces to help rid excess oil from your skin if you run out of blotting paper. Coffee filters also are great saves if you overdo sunscreen or wiping away makeup.

These are just a few other uses for coffee filters that I found beneficial for simplifying some tasks around the home. If you have any to add, please share here!

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