Elegear Cervical Pillow Review: Relieve Neck Pain and Sleep Quality

Cervical Pillow in Box

A cervical pillow is made to cradle the neck with its ergonomic design to help the body better align for supporting the neck. If you have neck pain and end up punching your pillow to get a comfortable position or just keep buying new pillows, hoping for finding one for experiencing good sleep, then let me tell you about the Elegear cervical pillow sent for this review.

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Elegear Cervical Pillow --with  Ice and woman sleeping on it
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Elegear Memory Foam Cervical Pillow Review: 5 Key Benefits for Better Sleep

  1. It has cooling memory foam with a 60D density for a slow rebound, which is ideal for controlling the pressure for cradling the neck from all angles. Why healthier for sleep is because it allows the muscles and ligaments time to relax and return to their original length for improving the body’s cervical curve.
  2. It has an innovative ergonomic design for five different areas to suit how you sleep from ARC cervical support, shoulder contour, center cavity, side sleeping area, and arm support. As a result of this specific health-geared design this pillow may help not only neck pain, but possibly headaches, sore shoulder to snoring.
  3. This pillow has two different heights and an ear hole design, which means that you can adjust your head and neck and still find a cozy spot on that pillow for the neck and ears without waking up with a stiff neck.
  4. It also has a washable cooling pillow case that can be removed and laundered for keeping it sanitary within your own pillowcase as well. You wash that case before first use, but not the pillow itself.
  5. A cervical pillow can also help your posture as tense muscles relax and the body receives better blood flow.
Elegear Cervical Pillow Wrapped from Box

Testing the Comfort: A User’s Experience with the Elegear Butterfly Pillow

To be honest, I didn’t know how comfortably a memory foam pillow with an indention in the center and puffy curved sides would work. I had never used such a unique design when I took the Elegear pillow out of the box that morning it arrived. In fact, it came as a compacted roll that fluffs up to its maximum thickness in 24 hours.

Though you can wait that entire time, I laundered the cooling pillowcase and used the butterfly pillow the same night. In the literature that accompanied this pillow, it mentioned that it may take some people longer to adjust to sleeping on this pillow design. However, I loved how I could sleep on my back if I wanted or my usual position sleeping on my side without my neck bending unnaturally. Instead you can turn this soft pliable memory foam pillow around from either side you prefer or lengthwise and your head and neck fall in the perfect place. Believe it or not, I found my sweet spot right away and kept the same position without ever moving this pillow for a wonderful night of sleep.

Cervical Pillow Unfolded from Box

If you are suffering waking up miserable with a stiff neck, I highly recommend a cervical pillow such as this one from Elegear, which I love after the result of this review for genuine relief from my neck pain. You can find Elegear on their official website or on the company’s website on Amazon for $39.99. Once at Amazon, please go through my link and use my discount code P8VWVM88 to take 10% off now until 09-30-2024! Trust me on this, but your neck will notice a big difference in the morning.


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