Eye Massager Benefits: Reduce Eye Strain, Sleep Better 

Bob and Brad Eye Massager Front

Anyone that experiences a condition called dry eyes knows the importance of lubricating to banish that sandy, burning feeling. I am one of those people that rely on moisturizing since my eyes do not produce enough tears on their own. According to the research, an eyelid massager creates somewhat greater improvements in tear film lipid layer thickness than the regular manual technique. This is why I was glad to review Bob and Brad’s EyeOasis 2 to see if this eye massager had benefits for my dry eye relief.

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The EyeOasis 2 is a battery-powered and chargeable plastic electric eye massager device with heat and compression with an adjustable strap worn for 15 minutes at a time like eye glasses with an auto-off feature, its own storage bag and USB cable. Since this device was another one designed by the same physical therapists, Bob and Brad, that I liked their air compression leg massager, foot massager and weighted heating pad, I trusted their expertise for developing a product that could help my eyes.

Back of Eye Massager

However, it also can have eye massager benefits for someone with tired, strained eyes, headaches or difficulty in sleeping. Nonetheless, an eye massager device is not recommended for someone that had eye surgery such as cataracts, a detached retina, glaucoma, brain disorders, swelling around the eyes, etc.

Bob and Brad’s eye massager works by utilizing both the heat and compression against the eye area to stimulate pressure points and increase blood circulation. It has five modes with two heat levels, four massage intensities and customizable music, which you can adjust. You don’t need to always apply heat and can use air pressure only.

Something else interesting is that it has built in white noise music, which is wonderfully soothing
after a stressful day. In fact, I suggest trying this eye massager before bedtime and you will sleep better while losing that unneeded extra tension from its benefits.

Eye Massager in Box

What I noticed using the eye massager after a few weeks when using it 15 minutes before turning in is I don’t seem to resort to reaching for my eye drops as much as before I started. I still need them, but I went from applying them three times a day to twice a day, which is fantastic. Besides help with tear production, this device also does help those tense muscles to improve sleep.

The Bob and Brad EyeOasis 2 Eye Massager normally retails for $69.99, but now there is a great limited time discount deal to get 10% off using DISCOUNT CODE: OASISNEWPR. If you also are suffering from dry eyes or just stressed, you may want to try this eye massager because it did exceed my expectations. In fact, you also may want to read my earlier post on nutritional relief for dry eyes for additional help with this annoying problem. You just may be delighted in how this device may help you too!


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