10 Quick Bread Baking Tips for Bakery-worthy Results (At Home!)

Irish Soda Quick Bread

Quick breads are by far the easiest form of bread to bake compared to working with traditional yeast dough. However, there are some tips worth remembering for quick bread baking that can turn an average loaf into one that is memorable and special that will have friends and family asking about what is the secret behind your recipe. Thus, here are my favorite hacks for quick bread baking that helped me become a better baker through the years and hopefully you too!

Foolproof Quick Bread Baking Tips: Eliminate Common Mistakes for Perfect Results

Follow the recipe as written. Sometimes, we get lazy and don’t always read every step in the recipe. This is a mistake because even slight variations can sometimes turn out differently from what you expected.

Using exact measurements matters for the outcome of your quick breads. Make it a point to always level off what is in your measuring cups and measuring spoons. Too much or too little of ingredients can end up in disappointing results.

Preheat your oven and wait at least ten minutes before placing your bread inside. The reason for this is that when your oven isn’t hot enough, your bread won’t grow and have a decent texture as it should.

Always try to place your quick bread in the center of your oven for the best even heat distribution.

Something that you may not think matters is using ingredients that are at room temperature. Even though I mostly use canola oil instead of butter, I found better results of leaving the milk and eggs out of the refrigerator for about an hour to allow them to warm delivers more successful quick breads than using them cold straight from the refrigerator.

Quick breads should never be overmixed. Use a fork or spoon to mix by hand and just moisten the ingredients. Being overzealous can cause too much gluten to form to spoil your quick bread efforts. Remember, but the batter normally is lumpy and never smooth.

After incorporating the ingredients, you don’t want to wait on your oven to heat. Aim to get that quick bread in the oven after pouring it into your pan. The reason you don’t want to hurry is because baking powder and/or baking soda starts growing once the ingredients are combined. A delay could cause the bread to sink in the middle.

Watch how your quick bread is growing. Set your timer to ring about five minutes before normal baking time for muffins and ten minutes for quick breads to test for doneness. Use a toothpick, slender knife or cake tester and stick it in the center for determining doneness.

Never try to remove your quick bread straight from the oven. Allow it to cool in the pan for about ten minutes before transferring it to your wire rack.

A serrated knife is better to cut through quick bread with nuts or fruits. Otherwise, you should use a thin knife and saw through them.

Other Superior Quick Bread Recipes You May Want to Try

My apple cheese bread is delicious, nutritious and loaded with extra protein and chewy walnuts.

Another awesome recipe is for my Irish soda bread, which is moist and the best according my friends and family.

If you love banana bread, check out my yummy banana oat bread recipe. You can find more quick bread recipes using my search box.

These are just my personal favorite quick bread baking tips that have helped improve my baking. Keep them in mind and they will do the same for you!


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