How to Beat the Heat & Sleep Sounder: Marchpower Cooling Blanket Review

Marchpower Cooling Blanket with model and thermoregulating illustrations
Photo Courtesy of Marchpower

A great night’s sleep doesn’t always come easy for everyone, especially if you get too hot at night. If you tried everything that you can think of and still can’t get the relief and sleep solution that you’re looking for, the Marchpower cooling blanket I received for this review can help deliver that comfort you’ve been seeking and here’s why.

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Marchpower Cooling Blanket: How Arc-Chill Technology Cools You Down for Better Sleep

This cooling blanket can deliver on its promise to improve your comfort level at night is due to its specialized Japanese Arc-Chill technology. This technology works so well because its fibers can absorb body heat and sweat enough to reduce body temperature by 35.6 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you aren’t going through menopause and just hate sleeping with the air conditioner on at night, this double-sided blanket that consists of cooling fibers on one side and soft 100% natural Egyptian cotton meant to replace your sheet can do the trick to usher in a better night of sleep for cooling you down without freezing.

Cooling Blanket
Photo Courtesy of Marchpower

Why Else You’ll Love This Blanket with Its Thermoregulator Capability

  1. It is anti-static.
  2. The material consists of silky smooth cotton as well as a cotton blend that caresses the skin.
  3. This cooling blanket also is lightweight instead of bogging the body down with heavier material.
  4. The fabric with its Japanese arc-chill technology makes it a breathable cooling blanket for hot sleepers and capable of wicking moisture from the body.
  5. It is made with safer chemicals that won’t risk health or planet.
  6. Besides the Blue color I selected, this lightweight blanket for night sweats is available in six other shades.
  7. It is inexpensive. Prices based on different sizes range from $46 and up.
Cooling Sides of Marchpower Blanket
Photo Courtesy of Marchpower

The Verdict: Is the Marchpower Cooling Blanket Worth It?

Due to the technology in its construction, I loved how my new Marchpower cooling blanket shared here in this review can be flipped if it chills too much to the other side and vice versa. Though this blanket can be machine washed, it really shouldn’t go in your dryer. You need to hang it up, but the good news is that is dries fairly quickly.

Arc-Chill Blanket in Bag

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