Meet the Best Comforter for Hot Sleepers: Elegear Cooling Comforter

Elegear Cooling Comforter Spread on Bed
Photo Courtesy of Elegear

Let me tell you about my new comforter and why I think it is the best for hot sleepers for sleeping more comfortably. Recently Elegear sent me their cooling comforter to review and it was perfect for me for covering up as the days get warmer while still needing something heavier than a sheet or light blanket, especially when the air conditioner is on. For improving sleep quality, this double-sided comforter has a lot going for it.

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Cooling Comforter Box

Best Cooling Comforter for Hot Sleepers: Benefits for Improved Sleep

  1. It has a specialized Japanese Arc-Chill cool tech fabric with Q-Max. This is a specialized technology that cools the body better than silk to get rid of body heat more than other cooling fibers. Typically, cooling fibers have a cooling value of 0.2, but this one can lower skin temperature by two to five degrees centigrade.
  2. Its DARCON filled fibers in this comforter are plush with a soft, thick comfy feel without that heaviness of an ordinary comforter. It feels so lightweight sleeping with it, but cozy just the same.
  3. Inside the interior of this Arc-Chill cold blanket are layers of biomimetic material that beat cotton for releasing moisture by making the fabric more breathable to help prevent sweating.
  4. This comforter has a striking gradient design for your bedroom. You’ll notice the color (I selected the gray) from its light gray to a darker hue once its spread on your bed.
  5. It is washable instead of other comforters that may require dry cleaning.
Cooling Comforter on My Arms

My Final Thoughts on the Elegear Cooling Comforter

This cold blanket does what the manufacturer claims in my opinion. What was great was feeling that puffy, featherlight mass of silky material against the skin while keeping cool and the body at a great temperature. From my personal experience sleeping with the Elegear comforter, I believe it is the best comforter for hot sleepers!

In fact, if you’re searching for yourself or a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, this cooling comforter should be on your radar. Visit the company’s website or their Amazon store where you can get a deal to get 10% off their current $99.99 price if you go through my link and use my discount code XS9IFY3B at checkout. Hurry though because this sale price doesn’t last forever and ends September 22, 2024.


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