A Cooling Comforter for More Restful Nights: Marchpower Review

Marchpower Cooling Comforter
Photo Courtesy of Marchpower

If you’re searching for summer bedding that is lightweight but also can keep you ideally comfortable, then a cooling comforter may be what you’ve been looking for. Therefore, let me introduce you to this cooling comforter from Marchpower sent to me for this review, which can be the perfect in between solution to keep cool and yet cozy. Let me tell you why this silky and soft summer cooling blanket can help for more restful sleep.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Holding Marchpower Cooling Blanket in  Bag

Advantages of a Marchpower Cooling Comforter

To begin with, this queen cooling comforter isn’t as thin as a sheet but the in between solution to stay cool and cozy without the bulky heavier weight of a blanket to keep the chill away. The reason is ARC-chill cooling fabric that can do amazing things unlike lighter comforters for getting rid of more body heat and keep the body cooler as moisture evaporates for improved sleeping in the summer. This is why this innovative Japanese technology can be a lifesaver for hot sleepers that may be tossing and turning most of the night for relaxing and better sleep.

Furthermore, this lightweight summer comforter has double-sided fabric with nylon and spandex for stretch with dense fiber filling that feels incredibly soft against the skin. Anyone that has sensitive skin or suffering with allergies will especially appreciate that silky factor for the best sleep.

Aesthetic appeal is also why I adore this cooling comforter for hot sleepers dressing up bedroom decor due to its stylish gradient design. I selected the light blue, which gives me that relaxing beauty of the ocean. The company’s bedding line also has a gray version.

How to Best Care for This Lightweight Summer Comforter

Unlike some heavy, bulky comforters that may need dry cleaning, this Marchpower cooling comforter discussed in this review is a machine washable piece of ideal summer bedding. However, the company recommends using a laundry bag before throwing it in your washing machine.

You may be tempted to use your dryer, but hanging it inside or outside on your clothesline is the better way to dry it. The material does dry faster than you may think.

My Last Thoughts on the Marchpower Cooling Comforter

This reasonably priced summer comforter does provide that relief from heat with how it works to lower body temperature. If you’re a hot sleeper or sleep with one, then this cooling comforter with this Japanese ARC-chill technology will surprise you so check it out.

Right now is an excellent time to save and buy for you or Father for a Father’s Day gift because Marchpower is taking off 10% of their sale price of $69.99 (usually the cost is $99.99) using my coupon code TMT4RMY8 at checkout on Amazon. The deal expires 10-31-2024.


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