Amzchef Aobsi Double Induction Cooktop Review: Powerful Performance

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If you want a faster way to cook, you can’t beat using an induction cooktop. Believe it not, induction cooking is three times more efficient than gas. Furthermore, it is 10% more of an energy saver than a smooth top electric cooktop. When Amzchef contacted me to gage my interest about trying their double induction cooktop, I was glad to oblige because induction cooking is marvelous judging by the smaller and very durable induction cooktop I have and love. Therefore, let me tell you about my experience cooking with this larger Aobsi double induction cooktop in this review.

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Amzchef Delivers Innovation: Exploring Features of the Aobsi Double Induction Cooktop

The model of the double induction cooktop that I was sent was the Aobsi UL-FS-IRC111-1800, a brand of Amzchef.

Dual Heating Zones: This model is equipped with two independent burners, allowing you to cook different dishes simultaneously with separate temperature controls.
Power and Temperature Control: It offers 1800 watts on the left burner and 1600 watts on the right, with 10 adjustable temperature settings for precise cooking.
Digital Touch Screen: This double induction cooktop provides user-friendly control over power and temperature settings.
Safety Features: It has overheat protection that prevents the cooktop from overheating for safe operation. Furthermore, it has auto-shutoff and a residual heat indicator for added safety. The cooktop automatically shuts off when no cookware is detected or after a set time of inactivity. While the surface is still hot, the screen displays “L” and the cooling fan runs for a few minutes before it completely shuts off, indicating it’s safe to unplug.
Timer Function: The Aobsi also has a built-in timer to allow you to set cooking duration and avoid overcooked meals.
Keep Warm Feature: This is a unique feature this model offers that is handy when waiting on other family members for a meal.
Sleek Design: It has an attractive smooth, black ceramic glass surface for easy cleaning and a modern look.
Control Panel Lock: This is important for households with children to prevent accidental adjustments.
Warranty: This Aobsi cooktop also has a two-year warranty that gives you more peace of mind.

My Aobosi Cooktop

Cookware Compatibility: What Works with This Aobsi Double Induction Cooktop?

This cooktop uses magnetic induction technology. Basically, you can use any pot with a magnetic base such as cast iron along as it has a smooth bottom, stainless steel with a magnetic layer or enameled iron.

Don’t panic if you think you have to replace your pots. Instead, you can test your current cookware with a smooth bottom for compatibly with a magnet to see if it sticks will work.

My Final Thoughts on Induction Cooking and This Cooktop by AmzChef

I have an electric range, but kept needing to replace burners. This is what prompted me into buying my single burner induction cooktop in 2015 to see how it worked. Honestly, it is so much sturdier, more efficient, much faster, cooks beautifully and will keep your kitchen cleaner if you cook with gas. I am so pleased with induction cooking and the Aobsi double induction cooktop by Amzchef with that extra heating element that my next range will definitely be induction.

If you cooked in the past solely with a gas range or an electric stove, there is a slight learning curve which temperatures are ideal for what you want to make. For example, pancakes come out perfectly using a 600-degree temperature, which was always tricky on my electric stove. But if you never tried cooking on induction, the Aobsi double induction cooktop by Amzchef is a perfect way to get a feel of what induction cooking is like or speed up your cooking. Trust me on this from cooking on mine, it is more durable and has less to break than either an electric or gas range, which I had both at one time.

You can find the Aobsi double induction cooktop by AmzChef from this review on Amazon for $135.99. You also should visit the AmzChef website and browse their other quality products. Check them out and you won’t be sorry!


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