Boost Your Health and Hydration: The Ultimate Guide to Water Types

Bottles of Water for Water Types
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Sometimes, water is the only drink that can quench your thirst. With all the different water types promising optimal hydration to meet health needs, it can be confusing choosing the right water. For this purpose, understanding water types for optimal hydration is key. Therefore, here is your comprehensive guide to water that can help.

Master Your Hydration: Understanding Water Types for Peak Performance

Natural mineral water taken from underground springs can offer beneficial minerals such as bicarbonate and magnesiac (for digestion), sulphate and chloride (for a mild laxative effect ), fluorurate (for bone building for teeth and prevention of tooth decay and osteoporosis), and ferrous (for iron to prevent anemia) among others. The various minerals depend on where the water was sourced.

Yet, there is more to consider before buying natural mineral water such as what else could be in this H2O due to the plastic bottle due to endocrine disruptors, notably polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, which has health risks. You also could by paying a high price for this type of water.

Fitness Water: Electrolyte Boost for Exercise

Fitness waters are lighter versions of electrolyte drinks. They have vitamins, minerals, electrolytes to replace lost sodium, potassium and other electrolytes during exercise for muscle recovery with fewer calories than regular sport drinks.

Electrolyte Drinks (for exercise) are primarily beneficial for intense workouts lasting over three to five hours, such as marathons, ironmans, or ultramarathons. In these cases, a sports drink with a higher electrolyte content is recommended.

Vitamin Water (supplements) and Flavorful Hydration of Water Types

Vitamin waters are infused vitamins and minerals for health and hydration along with flavor to boost taste. They are more of a supplement than a drink for improving hydration.

While adding extra vitamins is always good to supplement your diet, the best source is obtaining those vitamins and minerals in your food. The reason is most of the vitamins and minerals in vitamin waters are usually not the ones most are low of. In addition, they also have a lot more calories due to sugar instead of something like tap water.

Flavored waters are plain water with a kick of natural flavor from berries, citrus to cucumber or mint to improve the flavor without adding calories or artificial ingredients. If you have a hard time drinking plain water, flavored water may be a good option as a way to up your water intake for optimal hydration.

Keep in mind that store-bought flavored water can be more expensive. You can make your own flavored water at home for a cost-effective option. However, be aware that citrus-flavored water can be acidic and may erode tooth enamel if not followed by brushing.

Tap water that is piped through you home is still another of these water types for maintaining good hydration. Though it may not be as convenient as reaching for a bottle, it is the cheapest source of water.

Tap Water: The Affordable and Safe Choice Among Water Types

Tap water, piped directly to your home, is another excellent option for maintaining good hydration. While it may not be as convenient as grabbing a bottled version, it’s the most affordable source.

The only potential health risk with tap water might come from lead leaching from older pipes or corrosion in your city’s water distribution system. Interestingly, tap water in most large cities undergoes stricter testing for bacteria and synthetic organic chemicals than bottled water. Additionally, tap water in these areas is disinfected and often tested for pathogens like cryptosporidium and giardia, which federal regulations don’t require for bottled water manufacturers according to an interesting article in NRDC.

Ultimately, the “best” hydration drink depends on your personal needs and preferences to ward off risks of dehydration. This guide helps you understand the differences between water types to choose the one that best suits your budget, activity level, and taste.


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